Pennsylvania – Child Care Assistances for Single Mothers

Nowadays it’s not uncommon be to a single mother and that can be difficult will you have nobody to rely on when you’re busy. With nobody by your side, it’s hard to find child care and child care assistance for your children when you’re at work. Either they’re too young to be on their own or they just need some kind of assistance but either way, it’s another stress which is something you definitely don’t need. Not only that, day care can be expensive so some kind of assistance would be needed even if you did go with that option. Luckily Pennsylvania does have some options for you and programs for you to consider.

Now knowing this programs are out there and find them are two different things, and the finding process can test your patience at times. With that being said, I will provide you with four options that give information about what kind of help you can receive. Hopefully this will help you better understand the program and at the very least help you in your search.

Pennsylvania: Child Care and Early Learning
This website provides you with information on the keystone stars program and other information you may or may not find useful. There is also information and links to help with child care expenses and a search option to find a child care provider.

Philadelphia Child Care help
This website is for residents of Philadelphia and provides you help with child care. It’s designed to help you find, select, and pay for child care, according to the website and apparently it’s good at it. Any information you would need is on the website and they have a phone number so you can call and ask for more information if you have questions about how they can help you.

HDFS Children’s Programs
This explains the child’s care assistance program and gives you any information you would need on the program. It explains any sliding fees, tax credits you may or may not be able to get credit for if you have a child within a certain age, and anything else you may need. it has phone numbers and website links for your resources if you need them as well.

Pennsylvania Child Care Assistance
Now this is more information on the child care assistance in Pennsylvania and the reason I provided a similar link is because it does provide some of the same information but it also provides different information that you may find useful for your resources. It also provides you with a phone number you can call as well for information on their program.

These are only a few of the many links and information out there on child care out there for you and your children. While it may be hard to find the time to search, if you can do so, it will prove to be worth it in the end. Use your resources to your advantage and search online and off. If you can do this, you’ll surely find some sort of child care assistance for your children which in the end helps you.

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