Pennsylvania – Charities; Donating for Single Mothers

There are many reasons we donate to charities but one reason may be because it makes us feel good to help out others in the community. Not only that but it makes us feel good to know we’re benefiting the community somehow in some way. Plus it shows our kids that giving is just as good as receiving, especially when you can see how grateful those less fortunate are by it.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done though and I understand that more than anyone. You have the idea to donate to a charity or cause but finding the charity or cause is another story so I certainly understand your predicament. Fortunately for you, I’m going to attempt at helping you along with your search by providing you with a few options in the state of Pennsylvania. Now keep in mind you don’t have to donate exclusively to Pennsylvania charities but the options I provide will be based in Pennsylvania.

Make-A-Wish; Philadelphia, Delaware, & Susquehanna Valley: This is the make-a-wish foundation and their purpose is to grant a wish for children who suffer or have suffered from a illness/ disease. The way it works is, they visit the child and their family to ask the child what is one thing they want. They ask them if there is something else they would want in case they can’t grant the first wish and they do their best to grant those wishes. This is a good organization to donate to.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Pennsylvania: I always do like to include a Ronald McDonald house when I can and the reason is obvious. These charities are always legit and they are there for a good cause. If you want to learn more about their cause, their website has their information but most people do know and as someone who supports them, I recommend at least looking at the website.

Eastern Seals: Eastern Seals provides services, educations, and anything else to those with autism and other disabilities similar to that. Donating to this organization only help them pay for their services that they provide so your donations would go to a good cause.

Arch of Dauphin County: This is an organization that provides support and respect to individuals of all ages with any type of disability or learning disorder. This is a good organization to donate to because they help people from feeling out of place. I would certainly consider this option if this is something that fits your criteria.

Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank: Now this is a little different but I thought I would add a blood bank here. If you can, donate blood because you’d be surprised how much your blood can help someone else with illnesses or someone who needs blood for another reason. So this is definitely another good cause to donate to.

This is only a small amount of the thousands of charities out there so don’t be disheartened if none of these interest you. Even if you’re interested in supporting Pennsylvania based charities just to give back to your state, Pennsylvania has more than its fair share of charities so you have nothing to worry about. All you have to do is search for them and let the search engine do the rest of the work for you. No matter what, I’m confident you’ll find what you need if you just have the patience.

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