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Pennsylvania is a wonderful state and it has a lot of wonderful cities for you to consider when making a move. It’s got a lot of beauty and a lot of great features so nobody can blame you for wanting to move into another city. Whether it’s your first time to the state or just your first time to a new city, you definitely want to do your research. No matter what type of lifestyle you’re used to living, Pennsylvania has a city that fits your type of living

No matter where you lived before, the search can make you quite the impatient person and it wouldn’t be horrible of you to want a quick way of narrowing down your search. I am confident this list will at least provide as a good resource for you and maybe narrow down your search if nothing else.

1. Mount Lebanon, PA
This city is only miles away from Pittsburgh but it stands just fine as a city on its own. It has a number of amenities you can enjoy without traveling to Pittsburgh, including activities for your children to enjoy. It has beautiful homes and above average median household incomes and as if that weren’t enough, it has low crime rates. Another plus with this city is the high rates of graduations so you can rest assured that most kids do graduate.

2. Willow Grove, PA
Willow Grove is just north of Philadelphia and it is a small nice little town. While the town is small, it has its fair share of amusements and activities for you to enjoy. It is known to be a safe and quiet city with low crime rates, and impressive home prices. The markets and bakeries are impressive as well and it definitely deserves a spot on the list.

3. Bethel Park, PA
This city is one the least expensive cities and one of the best educated cities. It has a high graduation rate and good quality schooling for your kids so you wouldn’t have to worry about good education. It has many amenities and outdoor activities for your children and you to enjoy so you don’t have to worry about enjoyment.

4. West Chester, PA
West Chester is a good option to consider when making a move. It has a great median house value and one of the highest high school graduation rates. It also has a number of amenities for your family and you to enjoy when you want to get out of the house. If you’re looking for historic charm, this city also has that going for it as well.

5. Upper St Clair, PA
This city earned a spot on the list because of its low crime rates and it doesn’t hurt that it has a high graduation success. The median household income is above average and it has a few outdoor activities for your kids and you to enjoy.

Now this was a small list but there are other good cities out there to consider and if you do your research, you can find them. With that being said, I hope your search can be narrowed with this list and you can weigh your options when looking at your options. Whatever you choose, make sure you research the city you’re looking into and if you do, I’m confident you’ll find the city of your dreams.

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