Suitable Scholarships For Single Teenage Mothers In Oregon

For any single teenage mother seeking to enroll back to college after delivery in Oregon, getting to balance the financial responsibilities can be a major challenge. With a median household income of $46,816, the does not fare well with a shortfall of $3,686 compared to the US median household income. This translates to a harder … Read more

Suitable Scholarships For Single Teenage Mothers In Idaho

Although Idaho has seen a decline in the number of pregnancies and childbearing among teenagers this year, the problem still remains as one of the major challenges that need to be tackled in this state. Many teenage girls who are sexually active end up getting pregnant among whom a huge percentage become single teenage mothers … Read more

Suitable Scholarships For Single Teenage Mothers In Florida

Over the years, the cost of education has gone up and this has left many people unable to pursue their dreams for a better future. With many people affected, one of the groups that have borne the brunt of this cost in addition to other hardships is the single teenage mothers. This has in return … Read more

Suitable Scholarship Programs For Single Teenage Mothers In Delaware

The state of Delaware is ranked among the richest states in the US with the latest figures showing its median household income to be $58,814 in 2011. The unemployment figures have been rising and dropping every year as with every other state in the US and most of those affected are the young people between … Read more

State Assistance for Single Mothers in Washington

Being a single mother is very hard, especially during these hard financial times, but the good thing is that help is available if you ask for it. Washing state offers many opportunities for single mothers that have a low income and cannot offer a good standard of living for their children. Local charity organizations may … Read more

State Assistance for Single Mothers in Tennessee

Every woman who is raising her child alone is facing serious financial problems and struggles to offer him everything he wants. The Tennessee Department of Human Services offers a variety of programs designed to help families or single mothers that face major difficulties in raising their children. Families Frist Program, Adult Protective Services or Child … Read more

State Assistance for Single Mothers in Mississippi

Raising children with your life partner is not so hard, but when it comes to single mothers, it could be impossible. If you are single and you want to satisfy all your child’s needs, you must make big sacrifices. However, if you live in Mississippi, the local Department of Human Services offers you several benefits … Read more

State Assistance for Single Mothers in Las Vegas

The state programs and nonprofit organizations in Las Vegas are here to help single mothers get housing assistance. This program is mainly developed by The Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority, which helps families with their rents. The single mothers who want to benefit from this program must apply at the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America; … Read more

State Assistance for Single Mothers in Georgia

Single mothers living in Georgia may benefit from various programs. The Georgia state government shows concern for all difficult situations and the single mothers living here should be more than happy. The local Department of Human Resources along with The Legislature has designed several programs in order to help all the single mothers that face … Read more

State Assistance for Single Mothers in Alabama

If you are a single mother living in the state of Alabama, you may benefit from state assistance, as long as you meet some requirements. There are many programs available, including food, medical and financial assistance. These programs are great for a single teenage mother in order to help her raise the children accordingly. However, … Read more