Understanding Bankruptcy

Maybe as a single mother you have had to file bankruptcy.  Don’t feel ashamed about it.  You may have done it so you can get on your feet and be able to get a fresh start.  There are many things to consider when you are going to file for bankruptcy; this will help you be … Read more

Taking On The New Role of Finances

Each household is different in how the finances are managed.  Some households the men will be in charge while other times it is the women and then there are the times it is a combination of both.  However it worked before, there is going to be a transition to being in complete charge of the … Read more

Salvation Army & Goodwill

Sometimes you may be in need of a little extra assistance, whether it is food, good deal on quality clothes or a little bit of financial help.  There are many different services available that can help you out when it comes to any of those places.  Understanding what each provides along with how much help … Read more

Medicaid Basics

What are the Medicaid basics?  Can it really help me either while I wait for my new insurance to get started or in conjunction with my current insurance?  Why should I even consider using Medicaid?  Is it really able to help me out?  Medicaid is one of those things that can help you out either … Read more

Comparison Shopping

Comparison shopping can help you when it comes to a variety of different areas that are part of your budget.  There is comparison shopping for food, clothes, cars, housing, you get the idea.  It is all about knowing where to look, waiting for the right deals and using things like loyalty cards, coupons and the … Read more