Oklahoma – Volunteering for Single Mothers

There are a number of reasons why someone would want to volunteer and it can certainly be understood. There are many disasters out there that need volunteers and there are many causes they rely on the assistance of volunteers. Volunteering helps make a better country, a better state, a better city and saves on many resources. Not only that but it shows our children how much we can help make a better community by leading a helping hand. Involving our children in the process in good for your health as well as their and if whether you’re married or a single parent, that can benefit you. Luckily Oklahoma does have its fair share of volunteer opportunities for you to look into and you don’t have to look very far.

The opportunities are out there but sometimes impatience gets in the way and finding the one you want can be an annoyance at best. This is especially true if you’re a single parent and your time is already split as it is so you don’t want to spend too much time searching around. Now while I still recommend you do your own searches, I will provide you with a list of volunteer opportunities I found by doing a search of my own. When you do your search, you’ll want to put in your location but until you do your search, hopefully this article will be helpful to you.

Make-A Wish Volunteer Roles
website: http://oklahoma.wish.org/ways-to-help/volunteering/volunteer
Make-a-Wish grants wishes for sick or injured children and in case they grant a wish, they give a child to decide on a second wish if the first one can’t be granted. Make-a-Wish depends on the kindness of volunteers and donations to help make the organization possible. You will get to choose between different opportunities and if you meet the requirements, it should be no problem for you to get the opportunity.

OKC Zoo Education Department Volunteers
website: http://zoofieldtrips.publishpath.com/volunteers
This is another opportunity for animal lovers and those who enjoy the zoo. There are opportunities for people are young as 14 and you can choose between a variety of different opportunities available. Not always will there be an opportunity of your choosing available but you’ll be sure to be notified if it isn’t available. You must follow an orientation and a session, followed by an interview before you’re accepted but once you do that, you are sure to get an opportunity if you’re interested.

Connecticut Humane Society Volunteer Program
website: http://www.cthumane.org/site/c.8qLKK1MELjI2F/b.8369189/k.B558/Volunteer_Program.htm
This option is for animal lovers and is a great opportunity for those in the Newington, CT area. You can choose between volunteering at animal shelters, fostering pets in your home until they find a permanent home, and there’s even opportunities for students and groups. They also have a volunteer spotlight program and they always recognize every volunteer who helps out their cause and their program.

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society – Volunteer
website: http://www.okhumane.org/volunteer
Now this is for those who are animal lovers and some opportunities requires you to be 18 years or older, while others only need you to be 16 years or older. There are different programs and donation programs available if you can’t volunteer but if you can, there are a variety of volunteer opportunities available for you. Different centers and clinics offer opportunities for you if you can find one at the actual humane society so you’re sure to find something with this option.

Jesus House Oklahoma City Volunteer
website: http://www.jesushouseokc.org/volunteer-application-form/
Whether you’re interested in working with landscaping, working in a warehouse, serve meals, or other projects, this opportunity is sure to have something for you to choose. Their goal is to help the homeless and feed those who are hungry so they strive to accomplish that goal. Their volunteer opportunities revolve around that and if you don’t fit for one opportunity, there is definitely another opportunity you will fit in with so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you qualify.

Stafford Air & Space Museum Volunteering/Staff
website: http://staffordmuseum.com/volunteeringstaff/
This opportunity is in Weatherford, OK and offers a unique experience for anyone interested in volunteering for this option. You can choose between a variety of opportunities like educational opportunities where you organize and plan educational activities, or lead tours where you assist or lead tours, and many other opportunities. If this type of opportunity interests you, this is worth checking out.

Again, I do recommend you do your own searches, seeing as only you know exactly what you want and what you are searching for but I hope these results provided some sort of help for you. I also hope it gave you an idea of how helpful the internet can be if you just search for the options you’re seeking. If you prefer not to use the internet, that is more than alright too. All you have to do is ask around your local schools, libraries, and anywhere else around your community. No matter what tactic you decide to use, you should be able to find an opportunity as long as you don’t give up.

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