Oklahoma – Shelters for Single Mothers

 As a single mother, it’s hard to get by alone so sometimes you seek companionship and that can lead to a bad situation. Finally you decided it’s time to get out of that situation and not only for your sake, but your children’s sake too. That’s a smart choice on your part and a big step, especially when this person has put fear in you and used it against you.

Maybe you’re not in a domestic abuse situation but the bills have become overwhelming and taken over. Now you’re gotten so far behind that you’re on the verge of becoming homeless or you are homeless and you’re using a library computer or someone else’s computer. Don’t feel ashamed of the situation, this is more common than you think, especially in today’s day and age.

Maybe it’s a lighter situation and you’re just looking for a new pet for the family. Whether it be a cat or dog or another type of pet, there are different types of shelters and humane societies out there for you to consider. Luckily they’re not just in Oklahoma City but they’re all over Oklahoma state so you have nothing to worry about.

Whether it’s one of those scenarios or a scenario you’re looking for a storm shelter or whatever it is, Oklahoma has the options for you to consider. Sometimes finding the options is harder than it looks and understandably time is not always on your side in these situations. Whether it’s a light situation or a darker situation, I’m hoping with this article, you can get a head start in the search. Now this article is only meant as a resource so it will only provide a few results for you.

City Rescue Mission
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
website: https://cityrescue.org/
This is a homeless shelter and recovery program that those on the verge of becoming homeless can look into. They provide support to men, women, children, and families who need it but don’t know where else to turn. They have a series of services and programs you can inquire about and they aim to help those in need.

Pets Angel Rescue
Location: Edmond, OK
website: http://www.petangelsrescue.org/
Whether you’re looking for a dog, a cat, or a small critter, this is an animal rescue that can provide those options for you. They do their best to rescue pets from neglected households but are otherwise good pets and put them in good homes. They no doubt make sure each pet is safe and secure, and they do their best to protect these otherwise good pets from harmful hands. If you want to support them, you can even donate while you adopt a pet from them and help them out more so.

Oklahoma Women’s Shelters
Location: Oklahoma
website: http://www.womenshelters.org/sta/oklahoma
Sometimes as a single mother, you look for a new relationship and unfortunately that can lead to an abusive relationship. This link provides a list of domestic abuse shelters for you to consider if you need help and are afraid to get it. Some of these options help women and children in any type of crisis and help them obtain peace from the one giving them grief.

Housing Emergency/ Shelters/ Transitional Living
Location: Oklahoma
website: http://www.occc.edu/Support/shelter.html
This website provides you with addresses, phone numbers, and even some of the options provide you with their own websites for those who are in poverty or those who need emergency help. It has resources in a few places throughout Oklahoma state and if you call the number or go to the websites some of the organizations have, you can find more information about the help that they offer and what kind of shelters they have for you.

Oklahoma Shelters: Your stop for storm Shelters
Location: Crescent, OK
website: http://www.oklahomashelters.com/
Now before you go here thinking you’re going to find a storm shelter you can go to, this is not that but instead it is shelters you can buy for when you have storms . To make it clear, I am not advertising the product nor am I an advertiser but I think products like this and searching for websites like these could be a good idea. It could give you a sense of security when a storm hits and you need some sort of protection. If you have any questions or concerns, their number is listed on the website and you can call them.

Now while I provided you with some options to consider, keep in mind there are many others out there for you to explore as well and I suggest you do so. As you can clearly see, this list was small but it was only meant as a stepping stone to get you started and on the right path but it’s up to you to do the rest of the work. No matter what situation you’re in, there is options available for you and all you have to do is make the first step onto the right path.

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