Oklahoma – Retirement Homes for Single Mothers

As a single parent, it was not easy to raising your kids alone but you managed and now they’re out on their own, surviving on their own. Now it’s time to focus on you and you decided you want to move into a retirement community that takes that consideration in mind. Maybe you’re not looking for yourself but you’re looking for your parent or you’re helping your parent looking. They’ve always done their best to take care of you so now you want to help take care of them by find them the best community available, but also one that fits them. Fortunately Oklahoma does have a good size of retirement and assistance living communities available for seniors of any age, with any type if lifestyle.

Sometimes retirement homes can be a little bit of a hassle to find though and even for a patient person, it can press their some buttons if you know what I mean. I hope to help you or your parent by providing a few options that can either increase the list or narrow it down. The list I provide will in fact bet small but keep in mind there are several options out there that I will not list because I do believe you’re the only one who can know what you’re looking for.

Spanish Cove Retirement Village
Location: Yukon, OK
website: http://www.spanishcove.com/
This is a retirement home you can find in the suburb of Yukon and offers many amenities and/or programs fit for every senior of every age. Each senior can choose between floor plans and the price of each varies depending on what a senior chooses. It offers amenities like a fitness center, art classes, workshops, devoted weekly services and much more. The prices include utilities (including phone and cable) and you can also receive services like medical/dental transportation, daily assistance if you require it, and housekeeping, plus more.

Town Village Assistance Living
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
website: http://www.townvillageokc.com/
There is an assistance living community in Oklahoma city that provides active living for seniors to feel comfortable living a free lifestyle. They claim to offer more opportunities and choices than traditional retirement communities, and they also say to have developed their community for seniors who are still young at heart. They are located near shopping and restaurants, and offer medical services, and activities to keep seniors active. Their community is elegantly decorated and this community also has housekeeping available for you or your family member.

Touchmark at Coffee Creek
Location: Edmond, OK
website for information: http://www.covenantvillageofcromwell.org/
If you live in Edmond, Ok, you can find this community and they claim to have “something for every season of life.” They are another community that offer different plans to choose from and from what I can understand, they seem to be willing to work with you as far as payment arrangements. They offer a Full Life Wellness & Life Enrichment Program, which is customized to each senior’s interests and preferences. This community also includes dry cleaning pickup, hospice services if needed, physician house calls if needed, and more.

Oklahoma Methodist Manor Retirement Home
Location: Tulsa, OK
website: http://www.ommtulsa.org/
This community in Tulsa features a beautiful exterior in a stylish area that would fit anyone’s taste of any age. It features beautiful landscapes and walking paths, as well as water features for you to enjoy. The beautiful community features libraries for book lovers, salons for those who desire it, fine dining, 24-hour security. It also has amenities like a wellness nurse, an onsite therapist, a member business center with personal mailboxes, plus many more.

Epworth Villa Retirement Community
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
website: http://www.epworthvilla.com/
Epworth offers peace and quiet with a certain elegance when it comes to their retirement community. If you want a low maintenance yet charming and stylish way of living, this community has the features you’re looking for. The community has a small town tight-knit feel to it yet it gives you the space you need to get the privacy you may desire. It is another community that includes utilities (except the telephone) and it has lovely dining options. It features amenities and services such as basic cable, trash removal, housekeeping every other week, transportation to anywhere you need to go, and many more.

Oklahoma has a lot of retirement communities for you or your family member and all you have to do is search for them. This list only provided a small amount but it is only meant to give you an idea of what is available for you and what these homes can offer you. It is a good idea to search both online and off, that way you can truly say you can explored all the options available to you. As long as you’re willing to do the search, you should have no problem finding a community that works for what you want and need. Don’t be afraid to explore all the options available to you, they’re there for that reason.

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