Oklahoma – Rehab Programs or Assistance for Single Mothers

Addictions happen and it’s no new thing. Whether you’re a single mother who developed an addiction due to stresses or other issues, or you’re looking for resources for your child, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Life is stressful and sometimes things happen that cause us or our children to develop these issues, and it doesn’t mean we’re bad people but it does mean we need to recognize there is an issue. By looking up information and looking at articles like this, it means you recognize there is an issue or there at least might be an issue and that is a big step so you should feel proud in making that step. Fortunately Oklahoma does have resources and help for you or your child(s) that you can benefit from if you’re willing to find them.

Now knowing these resources are available and actually making to the step to search for them are two different things. Believe me, I have had family members who had addictions and I been close to it myself so I know how intimidating it can be. With that being said, I have composed this article to provide a few resources for you that will help get you a head start in the search.

Free Rehabs in Oklahoma
website: http://www.sober-solutions.com/oklahoma/free-rehabs-in-oklahoma/
This is a resource for those who are seeking information on free rehabs or information about rehabilitation but have very little income. This is more informational than anything but it is recommended you read it because it provides good information and you may be able to use it when finding help.

New Hope Addiction Recovery
website: http://www.newhopeofmangum.com/
This is a substance abuse program completed in 12 steps and it has three locations in Oklahoma (Mangum, Sayre, and Altus). New Hope has individualized treatment plans and accepts most health care plans, in which case your plan will most likely cover you. Even if it does not, New Hope is willing to work with you on ways to pay for your recovery because they understand how important it is to get sober and clean. They have a women’s program, a men’s program, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment, each which are designed to help every individual. Any other information you may need is on the website.

Crystal Meth Rehab
website: http://www.soberforever.net/crystal-meth-addiction-abuse-rehab-oklahoma.cfm
This is a rehab that provides help for those who are addicts of crystal meth. People focus on alcohol and other drugs but crystal meth is sometimes forgotten, not with this rehab though. They use their skills to treat addicts without passing judgment and offer therapeutic services to help you or your child change your life for the better.

Narconon Arrowhead
website: http://www.narconon.org/drug-rehab/centers/narconon-arrowhead.html
Narcanon Arrowhead has 20 years of experience and aims to help individuals live drug free lives, as well as resist temptation. It aims to tackle physical as well as mental aspects of drug abuse and also aims to give you skills to live a productive life following your recovery. In the right hand box, the address and phone number is listed so if this sounds like a good option for you, you can give them a call and inquire about any questions or concerns you may have.

House of Hope Treatment Center
website: http://houseofhopegrove.com/
Whether you’re looking for yourself or a family member, house of hope provides new hope without scolding addicts for their addictions. The program is a 12-step program and can help alcohol and drug programs, and is designed for long term treatment. The outpatient treatment program is for males, females, and families, and they use an assortment of techniques to treat you or your family member.

While I only listed a few resources, there are many others out there and I hope this inspired you to search for them. Don’t be intimidated and don’t be afraid to get help and make a change that will help you and/ or your children. As mentioned previously, Oklahoma does have quite a few resources for you and if you search for them, you should be able to find them. Keep up on the road to recovery and if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your children because they need you and they love you.

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