Oklahoma – General Assistance for Single Mothers

There are several assistance programs out there for different types of assistance available to anyone’s use. Each state has their own programs, plus extra programs sometimes, for their residents and Oklahoma is no exception to that. Whether you need some assistance with rental or paying bills or even paying for college, there is a program available for you. I understand sometimes it can be frustrating finding these programs you seek but don’t give up hope just yet.

As mentioned before, sometimes finding these programs can be a difficult task and even the internet seems to be less than helpful in these inpatient times. Fortunately for you, I’m going to try to assist you in the task of finding some of these programs and hopefully this will show you that with a little more patience, you can find these programs. All I did was search for assistance in the search bar and I put in Oklahoma as a state but you can try your including your city if you feel that would provide you with better results.

Utility Bills: Oklahoma
website: http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/states/oklahoma/renting/energyprgms
This provides information utility assistance for those who need it. It has useful links and provides all the information you would need on the website about the program. Among the utility program, it also lists other links you may find helpful and useful, and I suggest you check those links out as well.

Individual Oklahoma Assistance
website: http://okcommerce.gov/community-resources/help-for-individual-oklahomans/
This is a resource that lists information about some of the programs that Oklahoma has for its residents. If you see a program that sounds like what you’re looking for, you can click ‘read more’ and read up on more information about the program of your interest. This is a good website to go to for information and after you find the program that interests you, you can put that program in the search bar.

Oklahoma Rental Assistance
website: http://nsookc.org/rental-assistance/
Now this program focuses on rental assistance and preventing families from being evicted out of their homes. Whether you need rental assistance, mortgage assistance, or are close to homelessness, this program can help you with your issues. Any requirements as well as any other information is listed on the website and you can call the phone number, which is also on the website, if you have a question not listed on the website.

Oklahoma Financial & Emergency Assistance
website: http://www.bgco.org/ministries/chaplaincy/financial-emergency-assistance
This gives you a list of some financial assistance programs in different areas of Oklahoma as well as some shelters in different areas. Depending on your particular situation, either could be useful but the website does leave phone numbers for the programs so you can call to inquire about retirements, questions, or any concerns you may or may not have about the programs you’re interested in.

Oklahoma College Assistance Program
website: http://www.ocap.org/
Now this is a college assistance program that helps students and families. They will help you prepare, plan, and pay for college, according to their website. They also have a program for students who borrowed loans pay back their loans and make smart decisions in doing so. Their website has all the information you may find useful and they’re a good source to check out if you think you may need them.

These are only a few resource to help you out with assistance but if they were not helpful for some reason, I strongly recommend doing another search or checking your official state website. Stress is running high these days and I understand that but as long as you keep your cool, you will find what you’re looking for. As much as you may want it to be a quick process, it may not be but if you’re patient, you’ll see results in your process. Always include your state when doing your searches and if you choose to, you can include your city too (although it may or may not make much of a difference) and if the internet is not helping you too much, don’t be afraid to ask friends, family, or your community if they have advice on a particular program you’re looking into. Good luck in your search but I am confident you will see results if you play your cards right.

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