Oklahoma – Employment Options for Single Mothers

Employment is Unavoidable, there is no denying that and there is no disputing that no matter who you are or what type of family you have. This is especially true for single mothers with one income taking care of a child or more than one child. Not only do you have one income to take care of the bills and yourself but you have to care for the children, all their needs, all their care, and everything else that may come up. Now whether you’re recently unemployed or just seeing what other jobs are out there, there are ways you can find jobs.

Even if you are aware of it, sometimes finding a job can be a difficult search and you probably know that first hand from experiences. Now while I can give you the job you search for, I can provide you with a few results I got from searching the internet myself. Some of these resources will be fit for everyone while others might not fit everyone but either way, you can decide for yourself whether it fits what you want or need.

AOL Jobs: Oklahoma
website: http://jobs.aol.com/listings/state/?location=Oklahoma&PostedWithin=30&industry=&distance=&searchType=&flv=1
Now this option uses career builders, I won’t deny that but I always recommend the well known sites too because they’re just as good as the lesser known websites, in fact sometime they provide more results for you to consider. Obviously you know how this works, you put in your city and state or zip code and search away. You can also put in a keyword but that is optional and it is certainly not required to do so if you choose not to.

DPS Job Openings
website: https://www.dps.state.ok.us/hr.htm
This is job openings for the Oklahoma department of public safety. Sometimes there are not many opportunities available but sometimes there are and if you’re interested, you can try and apply if you meet the criteria for the job. As with any job, you have to meet the criteria but if you do, you can try for one of the jobs listed.

Oklahoma State Fair Employment
website: http://www.okstatefair.com/content/employment
This is those interested in working for a position in the Oklahoma state fair. Not always is there a position available with them but they update their site regularly and when they have positions available, they put it on their website. If this interests you, I recommend bookmarking this website so you can keep tabs on their webpage.

Oklahoma’s Official Website: Jobs
website: http://www.ok.gov/section.php?sec_id=3
This is Oklahoma’s official website and you can find jobs with this website as well in case you didn’t know that. When you go to the link provided for the website, you can click find a job and it will take you to a list of options and you can click what suits you, and continue your search that way. There is also employment resources, disability resources, retirement links, and other helpful links you can take a look at if you’d like to.

State of Oklahoma: Current Employment Opportunities
website: http://www.jobaps.com/ok/
This website can provide some results for you but I will admit, some of the jobs do have a lot of requirements. However I do think it deserves a worthy mention on the list but it does have a lot of jobs available for you to look at. Even while some of the options require a lot of requirements, they’re not all so unreasonable that they can’t be obtained. So it’s definitely worth taking a look at if nothing else and you can at least say you checked it out.

There are several job searching websites out there for you to explore and search through, all you have to do is look. I understand the frustrations better than anyone and I’m sure you do as well but unfortunately the search is part of obtaining a job. It may not be an easy process but if you keep up the search, it may be worth it in the end. Don’t forget about job fairs and searching classifieds as well, and as long as you don’t give up, you should eventually find something that fits your criteria in due time. Good luck in your search and don’t be afraid to explore all your options.

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