Oklahoma – Child Care Assistance for Single Mothers

It is not easy being a single parent and taking care of everything on your own without any help from anyone but things can get complicated when you need some kind of care for your child and there is nobody available to help. Obviously this is not an added stress you need right now with everything going on in your life right now. You’ll be happy to know Oklahoma has a lot of options available for you, whether it be financial assistance or assistance in searching for day cares. This is one thing you can feel relieved about when you consider child care or day cares.

Now before you breathe a sigh of relief, you still have find the resources that are available to you and sometimes that can be stressful. I will provide you with a few resources and in response, I hope this article will help you with your search. Now keep in mind this article is only meant as a starting guide and I still recommend you do your searches yourself too.

Oklahoma Child Care Centers
website: http://childcarecenter.us/state/oklahoma
When you click this link, it will lead you to website that gives you a list of child care centers. This is a good way to do your own search and you can enter your zip code to narrow the search down, which makes it easier on you. This is a good option for parents who want more options and a little more of a choice of day cares.

Childtime Educational Daycare
website: http://www.childtime.com/your-local-school/oklahoma-city-ok-0402/
Childtime offers care for children from ages of infant age to 12 years of age and is known for outstanding care in their center. The director of childtime, Tania Kilburn has a degree in elementary education and 15 years of experience in early childhood, so you can rest assured she knew what she was doing when she started childtime. For infants/toddlers, they focus on listening and speech, as well as nurturing and helping your children get along with other children. With children from two to early preschool, they focus on helping kids with the alphabet and numbers, focusing their attention on keeping routines and making friends as well as other activities. With preschool aged children, they focus on social skills, independence, and cooperation as well as other focuses. With pre-kindergarten, they focus on math skills, writing, problem solving, writing, etc. Finally with the before and after school program they offer for older kids, they focus on sports, art, music, and more. They focus on similar things with each program but increase it depending on the age of your child.

OKDHS Benefit Information
website: http://www.okdhs.org/programsandservices/cc/asst/
This is gives you a good explanation of the child care subsidy program and explains how it works, how it helps, and any other information you might want to know. On the right hand side, the address and phone number to the office is listed and at the bottom are common questions as well as an option to find child care providers if you need to.

St Luke’s Children’s Center
website: http://stlukesokc.org/index.php/childrens_center
This is a creative center in Oklahoma city and offers care to kids from the ages of infant age to elementary school age. They empathize the quality of care they provide for children and there are features for choosing this center. Those features include nutritional meals, ballet (for extra charge), a summer program, weekly chapel, and more. For any price concerns, their prices are listed on their website including waiting list prices and registration prices.

Cherokee Nation Child Care
website: http://www.cherokee.org/childcare/ChildCare.aspx
If you’re Native American and a part of the Cherokee nation, this program is meant to help you if you’re eligible. With this website, you can see if you’re eligible, the services this program offers, their mission, apply, and more. This is a good source for any Cherokee to at least look into if nothing else, and you can at least say you’ve explored the option.

extra source for Native Americans (Choctaw): http://www.cncca.org/
This is also for Native Americans but instead of Cherokee, it’s for the Choctaw people. The goal here is similar to the other site, they want to help families who are eligible with child care and financial obligation to child care. Their website has all the information you would want to look at and they’re certainly worth checking out if you fit the criteria.

Now this is only a small list, these are only a few resources but there are many resources out there for people of all ethnicities. I do think it did provide as a good guide or resource and can help you get a head start in your search. Don’t be afraid to use resources online and offline, and don’t be afraid to ask around about what resources are available to you. If you keep up the search, you should be able to find what you’re searching for relatively easy.

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