Oklahoma – Best Cities for Single Mothers

Maybe Oklahoma wasn’t somewhere you thought of when you considered moving for the first time or maybe you did but you ruled it off. I suggest you reconsider because there are a lot of good cities to consider in the state of Oklahoma. Whether you’re looking to slow down your lifestyle and enjoy some peace or you want a more active lifestyle, Oklahoma is another state that has a little something for everyone.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you’re hoping for, deciding on an actual city to live in can be a hard decision, especially if you’re a single mother with little time to spare. It’s not just something you can flip a coin over and be done with it, you have to really give it a lot of thought. To help you narrow down the search a little, I have composed a list of six great cities and/ or towns for you to consider.

1. Norman, OK
Norman, Ok is on the list for almost every reason you can think of. Norman is near Oklahoma City so you can travel fairly easy but Norman, OK can hold up just fine on its own. It has a low student to teach ration and a high median household income for residents to be comfortable with. The quality of life deserves a mentions and residents enjoy the weather, as well as the satisfying tax rates here. Amenities are among one of Norman’s features so you don’t have to worry about boredom bothering you either.

2. Edmond, OK
Edmond has a satisfying quality of life and that is one of the reasons it earned a spot on the list as well. Edmond has a high median rent price and a high median home price, and in addition to that, it has a high median household income. Edmond has about average weather for Oklahoma but it ranked well in regards to safety and has a low crime rate.

3. Yukon, OK
Yukon also earned a spot on the list for similar reasons as some of the other choices, quality of life. Something residents want to consider, it has a high median household income and a median rent price. It has a low crime rate and low cost of living, something residents can also enjoy because they’ll have a little extra money. As far as weather goes, it ranked well and residents are pretty satisfied with the weather.

4. Del City, OK
With a satisfying living cost and an impressive low sales tax, Del City earned a spot on the list as well. Del City is one of the most affordable places on the list and the residents certainly enjoy that factor. The commute time is fairly low and averages about twenty-one minutes compared to some of the other cities, and as parents know, every extra minute counts. For those who are wondering about amenities, fear not, Del City has quite a few amenities for you to enjoy.

5. Duncan, OK
This city is has a good quality of life and deserves a mention on the list for many reasons. It has low costs of living, making residents enjoy life there a bit more with the affordable costs of living. If that isn’t good enough, Duncan one of the safest places in Oklahoma with low crime rate so residents most certainly feel safe in their area. For what it’s worth, Duncan also has a lot to do between restaurants, bars, cafes and so much more.

6. Woodward, OK
Woodward ranked better than most in terms of quality of life and that alone is a good reason to move there. The median household income is more than impressive and this makes it one of the best paid places on the list. To make things better, their sales tax, along with their unemployment rates and their commute times are low which makes it ever more desirable.

Now this list was relatively small but it was designed this way for a reason and that reason is I didn’t want to make the decision for you. This article is only meant to help your decision but as always, I still recommend you do some research of your own. Only you know exactly what you’re looking for and what kind of lifestyle you’re looking for so it’s best you do the research. As long as you use keywords in the search bar and don’t forget to take notes, you should have no problem picking out the perfect city for you and your child.

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