Obama Scholarship for Single Mothers

If you are a single mother and you are seeking for grants which help you to continue your education, Obama Scholarship Program for single mothers is exactly what you are looking for. There are many programs which while searching for information on financial aid come across the topic: Obama moms return to school program.

However this program differs from  general grants Obama provides for single mothers. This program is very clear in its objective, as it provides stimulus to the education sector by giving help to the women students in need. The program is known under various titles such as Obama grants for college students or Obama Scholarships for Mothers.

The main thing which differs this program from others is the amount of financial aid. Obama wants with  $10,000 to help women graduate from college.  You can feel free to apply for the program and you will be definitely allowed to pursue your dreams and goals while taking care of your school fee. Don’t think that no one care for you and for your child. There are certain nominated companied that give your 10 000 $ in the form of a free scholarship.

It is a real chance to take care of you career. This program gives you an opportunity to file out your professional skills and to care for your child.  This program provides assistance to women and single mothers and will help ease the onerous burden of paying for school supplies and tuition fee. So don’t miss the chance. In spite of the bad economy at the moment, now is the best time as any to be considering going to college. When the economic situation improves, qualified workers will be going to be in big demand. And you will be one of the qualified workers who will be truly recruited. Thus having completed a degree is going to put you in advantage, then you will be able to give a good education to your child.  Remember that for most of his life, President Barrack Obama was raised by a single mother. She did her best to give him the best education despite the fact that she was a single mother. So Osama’s devotion to the college level education of single mothers is one of his primary focuses.

So if you find either the Obama college scholarship or Obama grant for mothers, please remember that this is similar to Obama single mothers’ scholarship program, or the Obama money for moms’ scholarship.  All of these programs are basically a mix of scholarships, financial aid and grants, which helps you to find program which is appropriate for you. The financial aid, a $10,000 free scholarship is available to single mothers to help pay for college.  Scholarships enable single mothers to concentrate on finishing their work without worrying about paying their bills every month. So you don’t have to worry if you are not able to pay for your education, because there is no reason for you to have to spend you own money for college.

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  1. Please contact me. I really need this scholarship to finish school. I am currently pursuing a Music Production business online. I really need the funding to help support my son and I.

  2. Hello,

    My name is Lakeysha and I’m a single mother of a 4yr old son. I would like to go back to school at Bunkerhill College in Boston Massachusetts for General Sonography. I just want to be financially stable so I can provide a great home for my son. I’ve been struggling to get by , by working part time jobs and transitional assistance. I cry every month because I don’t know how I’m going to pay all of my bills. I’m trying my best. I would be beyond grateful if I can get help with going back to school.


  3. I am 43 years old and a Senior in college. I have 7 classes left and I will be able to graduate! My problem is that I have maxed out my financial aid and I need more money! I plan on pursing my masters degree, I work with male juvenile sex offenders. This is my passion..to serve and help others. I have been delayed in obtaining my degree to help family, sick family and also my own health..but I have not given up hope! Please send me information to apply for any grants or scholarships, thanks in advance!!


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