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Whether you like it or not, there’s no denying the importance of medical coverage of some kind. This is especially true if you’re a single parent with children, no matter what age. I know as North Carolina residents, we can be stubborn sometimes but it is important to have some kind of insurance. With doctors, dentists, unplanned hospital visits, and everything else, this comes with a lot of bills. No matter where in North Carolina or where in the country you’re from for that matter, these types of bills aren’t cheap either.

Now sometimes you don’t know where to look so I will provide you with a few helpful websites that may be able to assist you. If you don’t find these useful, you can at least use these as a stepping stone to get off on the right track in your search.

NC Benefits
This is a website where you can go to sign up for health programs as well as other assistance programs that could benefit you. This website is worth exploring and taking a good look at because if nothing else, you can see what is available.

North Carolina Medicaid
This gives you information about North Carolina’s Medicaid program, tells you what it covers, and tells you where to go to find out if you qualify. If you explore a little bit, you’ll find out how you or your child can apply for the Medicaid program and perhaps be accepted for it.

North Carolina Health Care Reform
Now this is more of an information site but does give you links and give you options to where you can go to sign up for medical insurance. It has a variety of information that is good to read and good to know and I recommend you at least take a good look at it and skim through it. You might find something that could be useful to you.

BlueCross Blue Shield of North Carolina
Normally I don’t list actual insurance companies but because of the repeated comments I hear with this one, I decided to post this insurance option here for you to consider for your family. It’s said to provide quality insurance and offer different types of insurance so you can choose between which one you would prefer. So at least give it some consideration.

I only listed a few websites but I’m strong believer that people should do their own research and gather their own resources when it comes to health information and health care. Only you truly know what’s best for your children and for you so it’s best you do the searches for it. If you can’t find the searches online, you can search the yellow pages and look for the government numbers that can help you. Don’t worry if you call the wrong number, they can likely help you and direct you to the correct numbers. Always do your own research on different coverage plans and don’t sign up for anything unless you completely understand what it is you’re signing up for.

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