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So you want to help your community but you don’t have the time to volunteer your time to organizations. There’s no shame in that but to make up for that, you’d like to donate to a charity of some type. You don’t have much money after the bills you pay and the costs of caring for your children but you have a little bit of extra cash you can donate to something that needed it more than yourself. It shows charity

The problem is you’re not quite sure where to look and where to search on the internet. Well, I have done a few searches and I’m providing you with a few of my results to show you how a good search can help you. Hopefully, this will help guide you to the power of charity as well as what charities are available.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of North Carolina
Location: Raleigh, NC
The Ronald McDonald house is to help children with health problems and provide for their wellbeing. If you decide to donate to them, your funds will help children with health care, education, and grants.

Eblen Charities of Asheville and Western North Carolina
Location: Asheville/Western North Carolina
This aims to help those who need a little extra help. From medical assistance to educational help, this charity helps those who need it. It aims to make times a little easier for people and helps them sleep a little easier each day.

North Carolina Donation Town
Location: North Carolina
North Carolina Donation Town is a donation charity where you can donate clothes and other household items for others who need it. You can schedule for one of their donation trucks to pick up the items you wish to donate and take them for you.

Alzheimer’s Association of Eastern North Carolina
Location: Raleigh, NC
This is a health charity and by donating to them, you’re helping them with research for Alzheimer’s disease. This association’s purpose is studying and researching Alzheimer’s so hopefully some day they can come up with a better treatment and maybe even a cure for sufferers. This is definitely a good purpose and the donate button is on the page.

North Carolina Charities list
Location: North Carolina
Now is a website where you click on the city you live in and then you will receive a list of charities you can donate to. This provides you with several charities and options, so you’re sure to find a good option here.

This list is provided to help you find some charities out there to donate to but keep in mind, I haven’t listed every single good option here. Just because an option isn’t listed here doesn’t make it bad, this was only meant to give you an idea of what’s out there. I hope it provides you with the starting point you need in order to donate.

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