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Now that you’re at a stable point as a single mother, you’re considering going back to school, or maybe you’re looking at colleges for your kids now that they’re at that age. Getting extra education is always a good idea because not only does it increase your chances or getting a job but some colleges even line you up with job depending on the degree you’re working for. Luckily North Carolina does have some good colleges but that doesn’t make your choice any easier. In fact, that only makes your choice harder because there are a lot of good opportunities out there.

Now I will only give you a few options to consider but hopefully it will make you think about these options as well as other options you’re considering. Don’t cross an option off your list just because I haven’t listed it since there will only be a few options here. Always do your own research, I’m only trying to make your job a little easier and help you come closer to a decision.

Duke University
This university spans over thousands of acres and possesses a gothic architecture beauty to it. The main campus is close to the medical center and the east campus has a historical feel to it. As for academics, Duke university is known to excel and for sports fans, it has several companionships. Students who go here often get good jobs after their time here you’re sure to enjoy your time here.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
This university has three campuses, plus the main campus located around Charlotte, NC. It runs over a thousand acres in uptown Charlotte and is one of the biggest institutions in Charlotte. You can choose from a number of programs and it does offer scholarships like most universities and colleges do.

Wake Forest University
This main campus is located near Winston-Salem and the medical center is nearby in case you need it. It’s made the list of several rankings and is definitely a top contender in the best colleges of North Carolina. It’s programs are sure to please and students appear to do well at this university overall.

North Carolina State University
This university is located in Raleigh, NC and has more than 34,000 students. It specializes in several different categories and has more than 200 different types of degrees. This is another great option to consider.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
This university offers over 70 programs through fourteen colleges. The colleges of arts and sciences are where it specializes, though not only, in and despite being a great option, it doesn’t cover a large piece of land. Even so, this is a great option.

Now there are a lot of good colleges in North Carolina and while I only listed a few options here, I suggest you keep an open mind. What is best for someone else isn’t always what’s best for you so don’t be afraid to choose a college of university that differs from this article or from what anyone else.

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