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It’s high school time for your kids and you’re just curious about the best high schools out there right now. It’s not a bad curiosity, of course you would want to know what high schools have made the top list. After all, you want your kids to have the best, you always have wanted the best for your kids. You’ve always had the best interest of your children at heart but you want to take their opinions into consideration too, so they don’t feel left out.

You know what you want to do but you don’t know exactly what to look for or how to start. Well I’m hoping to provide you with a few good high schools and pointers in what to look for when looking at high schools.

Green Hope High
location: Cary, NC
This is a decent high school in the area of Cary, North Carolina and provides all needs you would need. The amount of male and female students are fairly even and students seem to do well at this school. This is an option to look at when looking at high schools or even when just exploring what to you for, if nothing else.

West Forsyth High
location: Clemmons, NC
This school is located in Clemmons and it has quite a few awards going for it. This is another one that has a number of students who do well and teachers always encourage their students to continue to progress. This is another good high school.

South Mecklenburg High
location: Charlotte, NC
This school is one of Charlotte’s good quality schools and it’s definitely one that cannot be ignored. While it does have a few awards, it doesn’t have as many as some of the other high schools but the students are still encouraged to do well in their academics. This school preps their students well and is definitely one to take notice in.

Cox Mill High School
location: Concord, NC
This school is located in Concord and is another one that doesn’t have as many awards as other schools but it definitely couldn’t be ignored. Students seem to excel in algebra and the amount of male and female students are even. This is definitely a school I couldn’t ignore when making this list.

Holly Springs High
location: Holly Springs, NC
A school in Holly Springs and with slight more males(52%) than females (48%), this is another school that couldn’t be ignored. Students seem to be very active here and appear to be very encouraged about doing well. The schools seems to take complaints seriously and always takes your concerns into consideration. It’s definitely worth a mention if nothing else.

Now I only listed a few schools here but I listed them so you could look into them and see what they have and what you might want to consider looking for when looking at high schools for your kids. Remember to check into the staff and the success rates, and if you’re kids are into sports, check into the sports teams. Awards don’t make or break a school but if it matters to you, check into what awards or achievements a school has as well. No matter what, always do your research and involve your kids in the process.

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