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No matter where you live, it’s always difficult to move but it’s even worse when you’re moving to another city. North Carolina has some good areas and some not so good areas, you’re aware of that but you don’t know which city is the best for you. You have some ideas what would work for you and your children but you need some help deciding. There’s no shame in that, everyone needs a little help sometimes or at least something that can give them a little more information.

That being said, I have looked into some cities of North Carolina and while I can’t provide you with everything, I will provide you with six options. I have researched these options and seen more than one person confirm they have more than one good area.

Only six? Does that mean only six cities are good cities?

The simple answer is no. The more detailed answer is that I’m only provided six because these are the options I have actually looked into myself. I don’t want to put a place in here without looking into it myself so without anymore stalling, let me show you what I think.

1. Asheville, NC
Asheville is known for beautiful scenery and excellent mountain views. It has a little bit of a night life but it has more of a historical value to it than the nightlife aspect. it has rivers and tours of breweries you can enjoy, and it is a nice place to raise children.

2. Hickory, NC
Hickory is a place that has something for everyone. Not to mention, if you’re in need of furniture, it has its famous furniture mart. During Winters, you can go sledding or enjoy other outdoor activities involving the snow and during the summer, you can enjoy river rides by canoe. It has many dining options and short commute times.

3. Mooresville, NC
Now this city is not a terribly long drive from Charlotte or Hickory. People in the area are doing decently and incomes seem to be just as decent. Another thing it has going for it is the low crime rates and the friendly neighborhoods.

4. Goldsboro, NC
Goldsboro has a lot of history behind its railing system and that is part of its charm. It has a bit over 35,000 people and it thrives on tourist attractions. Tourists are known to go through this town but overall, it’s a fairly quiet city and it has charm to it.

5. New Bern, NC
The waterfront is one of this city’s biggest attractions and something both residents and visitors enjoy. It features trails and forests, and your kids are sure to enjoy a place like this. If you’re an outdoors person or just enjoy having the opportunity for these things, this is definitely a good place to consider.

6. Fayetteville, NC
This city is located between three of North Carolina’s busiest cities so if you can’t find something here, you will somewhere nearby. Residents here are said to earn a good income and some of them are said to be able to afford college because of the incomes earned here. This is something to consider.

Keep in mind, I only listed cities I specifically looked into since I wanted to give a personal review of them instead of guessing. Just because a city isn’t listed here doesn’t make it a bad city or a wrong choice or anything like that but I haven’t specifically checked into it. Only you know what is best for you and your children and only you truly know what city is good for you. This was designed as a guide of the sorts and hopefully it did give you some ideas if nothing else.

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