New York’s Low Income College Grants For Single Moms

New York’s Low Income College Grants For Single Moms

As per the statistics given by the National Poverty Center, out of 6% married couples, 17% of single men lived in poverty and 30% of single moms were in meager income hardly sufficient to complete their education. New York State offers a host of college Grants for single moms. To apply for these grants, one must make sure they closely follow up with the deadlines as each of these Grants have unique deadlines. The single mom student who is aspiring to apply for a Grant has to fill out the free application form for the Federal Student Aid which determines the income eligibility.

Single mom student has a great advantage over these low income college grants as they do not have to pay back in most cases. Here are some of the Grants available for New York single moms.

Private Scholarships
Single mom belonging to low income category has to visit Fastweb which is one of the largest New York databases of private scholarship in order to apply and avail the private scholarships. As per the unique situation scholarships, factors such as single mom, public assistance recipients, public housing residents, etc are to be determined and ascertained before granting scholarships to single moms. The award amount ranges from $1,500 to $5,000.

Pell Grants
Though Texas Government is not concerned about your marital status when awarding Grants, your income level is definitely taken into consideration for decision making. Pell Grant is mainly for single moms with low income. Single moms earning a paycheck of $50,000 may get up to $5,500 scholarship every year. However, the main advantage of Pell Grant is, it does not restrict the single moms from applying and taking advantage of other Grants simultaneously.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
New York State Universities and other educational programs need single mom students to showcase their eligibility based on their financial needs and ability to complete their college studies and income scales to which single mom students need to comply. Depending upon your situation and other considerable factors, a New York single mom with 2 children may be eligible for assistance if her annual income is lesser than $32,870.

Tuition Assistance Program
TAP, which is the Tuition Assistance Program is available for New York residents, especially for single moms. This is a need based program where single mom students have to divulge their total income. Though the award amount varies, single mom students are still eligible for Grant amount up to $5,000 every academic year until they complete their college. This award amount as mentioned earlier depends on whether the student is enrolled to a Graduate or an Undergraduate program.

Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge program
This New York State program assists single moms who are economically disadvantaged. Students are eligible for around $500 general expenses and tuition assistance program (TAP). A single mom’s income scale is definitely considered before awarding funds for the school year.

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