New York – General Assistance

It’s one of those situations you thought you’d never be in. A situation that requires you to get some kind of general or government assistance. Unfortunately the economy isn’t improving fast enough and as a single mother, you can’t wait for several months/years or however long it will take for the economy to show mercy on you. Maybe you need permanent assistance with a certain programs or maybe you just need temporary cash assistance with another program. Whichever help you need, there are options available for you and your family and rest assured, you’re not alone in this battle of surviving.

We’ve reached the point where you can admit assistance is needed but now you need a starting point. Now while this sites may not be sites you use, hopefully they will provide as a good starting point and inform you on what is available for you and your family.

New York State Benefits
This is the benefits website for New York state where you can sign up for benefits of most types. You can check if you’re eligible and if you are, you sign up for an account and sign up for the benefits of your choosing.

Rental Assistance Programs: New York
This is to help with assistance for rental issues and provides links for different types of housing information. Whether you need section 8, tax credit for rental housing, homeless prevention, or whatever it is, you will likely find it here.

New York State Cash Assistance Program
This is information about the cash assistance program and it’s a good resource to keep in your bookmarks. There are other helpful information articles such as subjects covering health coverage, fraud prevent, energy assistance, and many other subjects. It’s a good resource to have.

Office of Children and Family Services
This offers services and assistance for family and child services. With this website, you can search for child care and see what kind of family services you can find. I did a little search myself and asked them a question just to test it out and they were very helpful about showing me where to find certain pages.

NYC Social Services
With this website, you can go through the categories and see what is available for you. There’s a few options and information on this website so perhaps you’ll find something to help you here. I have no doubt this will at least provide you with information if nothing else.

When it comes to any kind of assistance programs, I always suggest that you do your own research. Only you know what you need and only you know what is best for you and your children. When and if you use the internet for your search, don’t forget to put your city in. Sometimes adding your location can give you better results. Don’t be afraid to use the internet to your advantage and best of luck in finding assistance for your family and you.

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