New York – Employment

In today’s day and age, having a job is necessary and there’s no way getting around that fact. This is especially true for single mothers and most especially true if you have more than one child. Whether you’re in between jobs, or you’ve been laid off, or you’re just exploring your options, you’re aware there are options out there for you. That’s easy to say but it’s not as easy to find a job and I know how frustrating that can be.

Hopefully this article will give you a head start in the job search or at least help you search sites you might not have thought of looking. Everyone thinks of Career builders, monster, and other websites similar to that but there are websites people don’t think of looking at.

Now craigslist is one of the choices some people would have thought of while others might not of thought about. This is a good place to see what is available and you could possibly find long term jobs or just contractor jobs. Be careful with this one, there are some people who will try to scam you but overall, this is not a terrible place to search.

New York State Department of Labor
With this website, you can click the individuals option, the businesses option, or the government and research option and see what choices it provides you with. When I clicked the ‘individuals’ option, it provided me with a new list of options and when I clicked ‘find a job’, it provided some information and on the right side, it gave me the option to search by my zip code. At least take a look at this option and see if it provides anything that meets your needs.

New York Jobs
Now this is another searching option where you put in your zip code and keywords if you choose (optional) and it gives you results. On the right hand corner, it even gives you an option to New York job fairs as well as other job fairs.

Public Service Careers with NYC
This website gives you a number of public service career choices to choose from and if you qualify, it’s a good opportunity to try for. Now this one is located in NYC and only specific people can qualify for certain jobs but some of the qualifications aren’t that demanding and I’m confident some people could actually get a job with one of these.

American Job Exchange: New York
This is yet another search website and I realize I put a few of these but that’s because they each offer some choices that differ from others. You have how to work these types of sites so just put in your zip code and search away.

Now these are only a few options but the job searching websites are almost endless if you take the time and patience to search for them, I’m confident you can find something. Just be careful of scams out there and search for reviews of anything you’re uncertain about. Good luck in your search but New York has a lot of opportunities and I’m sure there is something for everyone out there.

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