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Volunteering is not an option, or at least not right now because of the lack of time you have on your hands. Between working and being a full time single mother, you just don’t have time to take off even though you would like to help your community. Don’t feel too bad about that, a lot of people are in your shoes and they can relate to that problem. However if you have a little extra cash after the bills are paid, even if it’s just a few bucks, there are New York charities you can donate to which helps the community and causes of your choice too.

Now while that sounds good to you, finding a charity of your choice is not so easy and to be honest, you don’t know where to look either. That’s not a huge problem though because I have provided this article to at least give you some ideas and get you a head start in searching for your charity of choice. Not while I won’t list all the options available or even a whole lot of options, I’m hoping this will guide you into the right direction.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of New York Tri-State Area
Location: Multiple
The Ronald McDonald house is to help sick children and is always a good cause to donate to. I always recommend the Ronald McDonalds houses because while I don’t live in the states I recommend them for, I know the Ronald McDonald house has helped several children. Consider it when looking at your options.

Variety Children’s Charity of NY
Location: New York, Tri-State area
This aims to provide funds to organizations in the Tri-State Area. The organizations it supports are ones that offer programs that use art a release to under privileged children. This is another good option to consider.

Food Bank: NYC
Location: New York City, NY
The food bank obviously serves food to those who can’t afford it and those less fortunate than others. The food banks are always a good thing to donate to and they also have volunteering opportunities if you ever get enough time for that.

Children’s Aid Society
Location: New York
By donating here, you’ll helping this organization with a number of programs that they offer. They do things like find foster kids homes and provide weekend and after school programs for kids. Another good option for you to think about.

Catholic Charities in Brooklyn and Queens
Location: Brooklyn/Queens, NY
Now this is a program that provides programs for those who are struggling a bit and need some help. These types of programs are always good to donate to because they do help people out and they do provide good. Definitely a good option for you to consider.

Hopefully you have an idea of what charities are available in New York, now that you’ve seen this list. New York has a lot of opportunities and choices for a lot of things and charities are no exception in that case. There’s a charity for every cause, of every interest, and I’m sure if you do the proper research, you’ll find something to fit your liking.

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