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The day has come and your child is finally going to college. It wasn’t an easy road, especially as a single parent but you couldn’t be more proud of your kid(s). When having that college education, it increases your experience and betters your chances of getting a better job. Sometimes colleges will pitch in and help people get a job in the line of work they’re studying for. The good news is New York does have a good amount of colleges out there and a good amount of high quality colleges. The bad news is the choices are endless and like everything else in New York, or in a lot of places really, it can cost you a good deal of money. However that shouldn’t scare you off from the search or from choosing a certain colleges since there are options available for you, such as financial aid or with some colleges, payment plans.

With this article, I will provide you with five options to give you a starting point or at the very least, something to consider. I am only listing five options because I feel it is best you do your own research since you know what you want and look for in a college or university best. With that being said, don’t consider a college or university bad just because I didn’t include it.

University of Rochester
This university is in Rochester, NY and is a nonsectarian research university. While it is noted for its school of music, it features over 200 majors within 158 buildings. The university is known for excellence and if your child decides to choose this college, you can rest assured that they more than likely would get a good education here.

Syracuse University
This university is located in Syracuse, NY and it is a research university. It’s design ranges from nineteenth century to contemporary, making it a mixture of appealing designs. it’s split into 13 colleges and offers a wide range of programs for students to choose from. For athletic fans, the college sports teams participate in the majority of sports except for women’s ice hockey and the rowing team. This is a great and wonderful option to consider.

Cornell University
This university is located in Ithaca, NY and has organized seven undergraduate colleges, as well as seven graduate divisions. It offers great options for students to choose from and takes proud in its excellent academics. This is definitely an option you might want to seriously consider when looking at colleges.

New York University
While this university is based in New York City, it’s main campus is located in Manhattan, NY. NYU has more than 20 colleges and institutes located in Manhattan and across Brooklyn so it has options available for people in these areas. It has several awards under its belt and is known for excellent academics. This is a great option to think about and consider.

Vassar College
This college is located in Poughkeepsie, New York and it is a coeducational liberal arts college. It has more than 50 degrees and offers several extracurricular organizations for students. This is a great option for students who want a good educational experience as well as fun activities added into the mix.

As mentioned before, don’t think a college/university is bad just because it is not mentioned here. Some lists include certain aspects while others consider different aspects and this is why you will see some colleges on the same lists while others will be considered the best on other lists. Whichever options you are considering, do your research and make sure it is the right fit for you or your kids, and involve your kids in the process.

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