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Education is important and ensuring that your kids get the best education is something you want to be sure of. After all, they’ll use their educational skills all their out life and while they probably won’t use every single detail, they will use a lot of the things taught to them. So of course it’s important the school they go to is a decent school and has good enough ratings to satisfy your tastes, as well as your children’s tastes.

I’ll list schools from k-12th grade that have good ratings so you can have an idea of what good schools are out there. New York has a good share of schools that excel, all you have to do is look for them and find them.

Harlem Success Academy Charter School 2
location: New York, NY
Grades: K-4
This is a charter school for the young ones and it is to help prepare them for school. This school has a lot of satisfied parents and children. They seem to really care about the children and this is a good school to consider.

Edgemont Junior Senior High School
location: Greensville, NY
Grades: 7-12
This school is for middle school students and high school students, and fares well in the rankings. Students tend to excel in subjects, especially English and Math, and it holds education to a high regard. You children would no doubt do well here.

Townsend Harris High School
location: Kew Gardens Hills, NY
Grades: 9-12
Townsend often ranks in the top 100 high schools and was recently named on the top five high schools. The most wonderful feature is the ‘Bridge Year’ program, where students in good standing may take up to 12 credits at Queens College at no cost to them. This is definitely a worthy mention.

Brooklyn Technical High School
location: Brooklyn, NY
Grade: 9-12
This school specializes in engineering, math and science, and is one of the largest specialized schools in the country. You kids are sure to get a dedicated education from the teachers at this school and you no doubt would enjoy your experiences from dealing with the staff too.

Manhattan Bridges High School
location: Manhattan, NY
Grades: 9-12
This school is a great option for students of Manhattan and students, as well as parents are generally satisfied with the results overall. Normally students do well here and this school is usually in the top rankings, not to mention it has several awards. This is definitely a good option.

While I only listed a few options, New York does have several other good schools out there and I always suggest you do your own research. Always look into the neighborhoods, the success rates, the rankings, the education status, and even the failure status. You want to know all the information about the school you send your kids to and while you don’t want to become obsessive, you do want to make sure they’re at a good school. Good luck in finding a good school but New York has a lot of options for students of all ages so you’ll find something in no time.

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