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Maybe it’s that time to move and you’re thinking about moving to a different city or town than the one you’re already in. It’s definitely a difficult project when you’re a single mother with children in the household to take care of. Not only are you looking for a place to live but you have to keep everything as stable as possible for your children.

I have done a search and limited my list down to six options that hopefully help you narrow down your search. Now while I have provided this list, I suggest you do your own searches as well for your own resources.

1. Saratoga Springs City, NY
This place is great for grown adults, as well as children. It has many outdoor activities for anyone of any age and you’re sure to find some enjoyment because of that reason. The schools are known to be rated high and the education is high quality so your kids will get a good education here too. This is a great option to consider for all ages.

2. East Meadow, NY
East Meadow is one of the more diverse on the list and the best part is NYC is only 30 minutes away. So if you’re wanting a little excitement, it’s not hard to get to NYC at all. East Meadow itself is a quiet and small living area with comfortable living and is definitely something you would enjoy to get comfortable living as well as get excitement not too far away.

3. West Seneca, NY
The beauty of West Seneca is you get cheap living and you’re close to the city of Buffalo if you need something that the big city has to offer. If you’re a person who doesn’t make a lot of money, this community does its best to make things easy for you. It also offers several government programs and the community seems to care for its people.

4. Tonawanda, NY
When faced with an air quality problem, the community of Tonawanda proved how strong they were by galvanizing a solution. The homes are cheap and the air quality is now good in this community of friendly and problem solving people.

5. Ithaca City, NY
Ithaca is a place that continues to grow to this day and there’s a number of good reasons for that. It has a healthy university life and the pays as well as benefits are well worth it. The cost of homes are mid-range and the income rates are a little lower but because of the size of the city, you can live significantly cheaper.

6. Smithtown, NY
Smithtown is considered one of the most appealing cities on Long Island. The income rate is well and the economy is healthy in Smithtown, and you can expect to do well here. The homes are relatively expensive but the education is at a high quality and you can expect your kids to be generally happy with their schools.

Now just keep something in mind, just because I only listened certain areas doesn’t make others bad cities or horrible towns. I actually did do my research with these places though and therefore narrowed the list down to these specific places. What is best for one family isn’t always best for another so do your own research so you can decide if these places are best for you or if another location is best all together.

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