New York – Apartments; Pricey and not

New York has a high price of living and it doesn’t make it easy when you’re moving, but you’re a single mother and you’re managing. You make a good deal of money but you would have to find what you’re looking for in New York. You want either a condo, or a loft style apartment with views but something comfortable enough for your child. That’s admirable but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny, I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat it.

With that being said, I have devised a list of some of the best options I have seen around. Now I couldn’t possibly list every single option out there but I will list a few options so you can see what is available for you. Now I will feature some options for people with more money and options for people with less money so everyone can get a little be of something. I don’t want to leave out the people with more money and of course I don’t want to leave out the people with less money.

Expensive Option: Trump International
Location: North End of Columbus Circle
website for information:
Summary: Now this options starts at $999,999 and goes up, and is obviously for someone with more money. It has beautiful views and is perfect for people who want to see the Macy’s day parade every year.

Less Pricey Option: New York Living Solutions
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
website for information:
Summary: This option goes from $4,500 as far as prices go. It has big windows which offer a lot of natural light and is an overall decent size. This isn’t a bad option at all.

More Expensive Option: Zeckendorf Towers
Location: The southwest corner of east 15th street
Summary: This option comes with a full load of amenities including a health club and free exercise classes. It features big windows with natural sunlight and beautiful views. This is a good option for people who have money.

Less Pricey Option: The Avalon
Location: Bronxville, NY
Summary: The prices of these places range from the two thousands to the six thousands and feature some handsome amenities as well. Not only does it have an in-unit washer and dryer but it also includes a fitness center, a clubhouse, private garages, and a number of other great amenities. This is a great option to consider if you want a quality apartment for a decent price.

Now as mentioned before, this is only a few options, there are several other options out there if you just explore the internet and search for them. As long as you keep your expectations realistic and realize that if you’re asking for an enormous amount of expectations, these options you’re asking for do cost you, you should be able to find something. Hopefully you will find all you’re asking for in a place and hopefully it perfectly fits you and your child or children. Good luck in your search and don’t give up just because you haven’t found anything yet.

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