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Sometimes bad situations happen to good people and you find yourself and/or your children in these bad relationships or situations. Whether it being on the verge of becoming homeless or a domestic violence issue, the important thing to note here is that it’s not your fault. You didn’t ask for this situation to happen but it did and now you need to get your children and yourself out of the situation. The important thing is that you now recognize there may be a problem and are looking at the issue first hand.

Despite what the issue or problem may be, I have come up with a few resourceful options for you to look at and maybe assist you in your search for some kind of help.

Guides in New Jersey for Domestic Violence Victims
Location: New Jersey
This provides information for domestic violence victims of any county. You just click on your county and it will give you a list of shelters, their addresses, their numbers, and even information about transitional housing. Some of the offices even have 24 hour hotlines you can call if you need information or are unsure.

Homeless Shelters at the Salvation Army New Jersey Division
Location: New Jersey
This provides information about the Salvation Army shelters and the help that the Salvation Army can provide with emergency housing for you and your children. The Salvation Army is always a legit helpful organization so it’s definitely worth seeing if this can provide you with the assistance you require and need.

Hope Residence for Women and Children
Location: Paterson, NJ
Now this is a shelter for women and children and is meant to help struggling mothers who have no place else to go. It has dental and medical clinics, job training, therapy and other programs to help mothers get back on their feet. This is perhaps one of the most helpful clinics in new Jersey and is definitely worth a shot.

Shelters and Emergency Housing: New Jersey
Location: New Jersey
This provides a list of some shelters and emergency housing in every county of New Jersey. Just click the link and you get a small list with the addresses to the shelters available and the phone numbers available. It can be a helpful resource no matter what county or city you are in and it’s definitely worth a looking at.

Shelter Our Sisters
Location: New Jersey (Bergen County)
This is a domestic violence shelter for battered women and is designed to help women get out of bad situations and/or relationships, along with their children. All the information is on the website but they have little events and they list some resources for your convenience. Check them out if you’re in this area.

Now there are many shelters available and this was only listing a few. If you do a good search online, you can find more options available for your children and you. If you are in a life threatening situation, call your local authorities immediately and if you are unsure if your situation is a bad situation, there are hotlines in some of the links I have provided you can call to be sure about your situation. Whatever the situation may be, I wish the best of luck for your children and you and hopefully you get out of the situation you’re in.

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