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Getting by without a job is just impossible and we all know that, and I would say single mothers know that the best. It can be a struggle when having one income and let’s be honest, the majority of people do struggle with one income. It’s not impossible, nobody is saying that but when an issue occurs that costs you your job or a pay drop happens, it makes it difficult. Now it’s time to search for another job so you can provide for yourself and your children but that process is even a struggle.

I do believe that this article will be a good resourceful article you can use for resources, even if that is all it is used for. Now we all know of the websites like monster and career builders, but I will be providing a few different options for you to consider. Some of these options won’t be for everyone and others will be options everyone can use.

The Official website for The State of New Jersey: Employment
Now this is website for the state of New Jersey and this is their official employment website. You can use their find a job option or see where job fairs are, or choose a number of other options they have available on their website, including job training. It couldn’t hurt to take a look at this website and see if it can’t at least benefit you in some way.

NJ Transit: Employment
With this website, you can apply for transit jobs if you so desire to. Now admittedly this isn’t the option for everyone but it can be an option for some people if transit is the way they want to go with their careers. If you haven’t been in transit jobs before, you do have to meet certain criteria to get the job but that could be said about any job.

Top USA Jobs: New Jersey
As you may or may not know, this is a searching website where you can search for specific jobs on your location. You can use keywords and pick certain categories that way you can search in only the areas you are willing, or are certain you can qualify for.

NJ School Jobs
This website is a job opportunity for those who want to work in the educational department. Obviously the qualifications for these types of jobs are a little more strict but for the most part, if it’s what you want to do, it’s a decent option to consider if nothing else.

This is another search options and you can explore the website to use the features to their options. Now like some might be, I was skeptical at first but as I went through the website, it was fairly easy to use and I had no problems doing anything.

Now keep something in mind, these are only a few options of the many that are available for you to use across the internet and across your state. It’s hard to have patience these days but restrain yourself and do your own searches to find the other resourceful job websites available to you. Don’t give up hope and in these times where things are tough for some people, I know it’s hard not to but I’m confident you’ll find something if you remain determined.

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