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Whether you’re looking for a college or university for your kids or yourself, the time has finally come to actually do it. It’s no secret that furthering your education not only helps keep your brain active but it helps better your chances at finding a better job. Now while it doesn’t always guarantee a job, it definitely helps your chances at getting one. No matter who is going to college, it’s definitely a good idea but it’s not all easy to do. First of all, there’s the costs and then there’s actually finding a college to fit your child or you, and there’s just a lot that goes into it.

I hope to help you with that chance by providing five good options and while there will only be five options in this article, keep in mind that there are many good colleges and universities in New Jersey. I hope you will find this article useful and if nothing else, keep it for your resources.

Princeton University
This university is located in Princeton, NJ and is both an undergraduate and graduate institution. It offers different sorts of programs and is known for its excellence in those programs, so if you do choose this college, you know you’re getting a great education.

Monmouth University
This university is located in West Long Branch, NJ and is both a undergraduate and graduate university. It has over 400 undergraduates, over 1000 graduates, and over 200 faculty members within the university. Class sizes are between 20-35 students so you don’t have to worry about feeling too cramped and academics are known to be excellent with this facility as well.

Georgian Court University
This university is located in Lakewood, NJ and is a private Roman Catholic university. Even if you’re not a Catholic, this university is designed to help you succeed and they do their best to do that. It has over a thousand undergraduates ad specializes in programs involving arts and science.

The College of New Jersey
This college is based in Ewing, New Jersey and it is a coeducational university. It is organized into seven different school and offers several different programs to choose from. All of the schools also have four year bachelor programs if you choose to go for that program so there’s something for everyone here.

Rowan University
This college is located in Glassboro, NJ with a satellite campus in Camden, NJ. In Fall, the medical school of Rowen opened and it later acquired the school of Osteopathic Medicine. You several different programs and degrees to choose from and you’re sure to experience a good education here.

Now while this was mention above, these are only five options and while good options, I do suggest doing your own searches. Only you know what is best for you and what your criteria is so only you know exactly what you are looking for. Don’t feel discouraged if it takes you some time to find the perfect college for you, sometimes it does. You’d rather it take time and find the right one than picking one quickly and being unhappy with your choice. So take the time if you need to but ultimately do your research and I’m confident you’ll find what you need.

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