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Whether you already live in New Jersey and are just looking for a new city to live in or are moving here from another state, it’s easy to understand why you enjoy New Jersey. Spring and early Fall are the best times in New Jersey and there’s more than enough excitement in the state. Despite knowing that, it’s not always easy to make a move, especially if you’re a single mother and trying to manage a job at the same time.

Just to assist you in your search in some of the best cities and/or towns in New Jersey, I have researched some of the cities and provided a list for you. I will only list a few options but keep in mind, there are other good cities out there.

1. Trenton, NJ
Trenton is the capital city and a part of Mercer county. It has a total population of a little over 84,000 and has a lot of manufacturing centers. There is a variety of neighborhoods and sub-neighborhoods, as well as different types of schools and colleges. It also has different types of parks and entertainment for your enjoyment so it wouldn’t be a bad place to consider.

2. Hoboken, NJ
This city is in Hudson county and is part of New York metropolitan area. It is known to have one of the oldest tech institutes and the schools can be decent depending on the area. It has quite a few local attractions and if you’re in a mood to go further, New York is close by.

3. Atlantic City, NJ
This city is a resort city and populated with around 39,551 people. This city has a high unemployment rate but it has a lot of tourist attractions and activities to do. The famous boardwalk is here also and the schools are about average but despite the unemployment rates, this city is not a bad city to consider if you have a job lined up.

4. Barclay-Kingston, NJ
Barclay-Kingston is a nice little town of approx 10,728 located in Camden County. Barclay is noted for its historical farmlands, and houses, which residents seem to like. It has a variety of different families and your kids should enjoy their time at the schools.

5. Bloomfield, NJ
Bloomfield is another good option for you to consider when looking at your choices of where to move to. Bloomfield has beautifully designed structures and schools, and they have a few park and recreation attractions to enjoy. They have some good choices for schools and colleges, and the fire department protects the town along with a group of volunteers.

6. Butler, New Jersey
Butler is one of those options you probably didn’t expect me to use but it is a good option. Now the house market is up with this city and so is the median household income. With that being said, the town has a lot of nice neighborhoods and the schools seem to be engaging to the students.

I mentioned once before but I will say this again, New Jersey has a lot of good areas, even if they’re not listed here. All you have to do is search for them and I strongly suggest you do just that since only you know what’s best’s for you and your kids. Just do your research and I’m certain you’ll find the perfect spot for your family.

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