New Jersey – Animal Rescues and Shelters

It took a lot of time, especially since you’re a single provide for your kid(s) but you’re finally at a stable point in your life and you think it’s time to add a small furry addition to the family. A pet is a good way to bring happiness to a family and has proven to sometimes add years to pet owners’ lives. Not to mention, children love them and cherish them just as much. So it’s no wonder why you’d want to add a furry addition to the family and bring a little more life, and happiness to your family.

You’re probably aware of the usual shelters and humane societies but maybe you’re searching for more options in case those choices don’t work out. I’m hoping to give you a few more options and while you may not use them, I’m hoping they will be helpful to you.

PAWS Montclair
location: Glen Ridge, NJ
This shelter is also a rescue that helps homeless pets find good homes. It takes animals who have no homes and attempts to find them good homes, after making sure they’re happy and healthy of course. They also have both cats and dogs, and they seem to genuinely care about the pets no matter what breed it is.

Woodbridge Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center
location: Woodbridge, NJ
This shelter is located in Woodbridge and it is another good option. It has donation and volunteer options, and it has the important information on its website. To see what pets are available, it has to pet finder where it lists the pets available for adoption. You can see what it available and maybe you’ll find your perfect pet with this option.

Mt Pleasant Animal Shelter
location: East Hanover, NJ
This is another option and with this option, you can sign up and search through pets to find a pet through their site and it will look through their shelter. Their website is nicely designed, it has all the information you would need and like the other options, you can donate or volunteer to help their shelter out.

South New Jersey’s No-Kill Animal Shelter
location: Lindenwold, NJ
This shelter is great because it is a no-kill shelter, and it offers both cats and dogs. They have events and donation options if you want to participate in those events. You can look at the cats and dogs available on their website and see what animal you want.

location: Covers New Jersey and Delaware
This rescue is dedicated to rescuing animals from kill shelters and giving them a chance at a future. They are placed in foster homes until a forever family can be found but this is not just a foster option, it’s also an adoption option. If you’d like to help you can volunteer and become a foster but most importantly, you can adopt from here and perhaps they have your forever pet.

These are only a few of the many shelters and rescues for animals that are out there, and if you just take the time to do a search, you’ll find that the internet or phone book can be helpful. I won’t sugar coat it, sometimes you will need to be patient but if you are, you can find many shelters and rescues out there with good animals available for you.

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