Mothering by a single

Its not an easy job in the twenty first century to run and look after a family in anyway one can. People scratch and claw to provide what they want to, to their family. They have to go through thick and thin and make hard decisions to run the day to day operations of a house. This thing is not easy for male members of a family today so think of the females running a house and doing all the job of a male member and a female member of a home all by ones own self. We can have a look at that and move on in our lives nut that’s not what a good society does. we must worry and care about them and assist them to the best possible way we can.

MotheringSingle mothers who are trying even not to become a burden on the society, has some right on the central government of a state for their assistance and support. Government should fulfill these responsibilities, first hand. U.S is doing a good job on this. Providing free education to single mothers as well as their children, giving them assistance for the low income household energy problems, food and nutrition support also provides good care of the water supply and food provided to them looked as being on the standard. The programs that are doing this job are Jeanette, since 1978, W.I.C doing good since 2003 and S.N.A.P taking care of food and water supply.

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