Mothering alone

The world is getting cruel day by day and the life of twenty first century is growing tough for everyone. Men are feeling it too hard to run the day to day operations of their homes and family. It’s getting too hard for them to earn in the modern life for moving successfully, so think of single mothers how they might be working and running their daily routine. The children of single mothers do have insecurity about their future, their education and medical and physical conditions. They don’t become a burden on the society or neighbors. But still the society and people around them should care and worry about them. They should take appropriate steps for the survival of such families and people in their society.

Mothering AloneCentral government of every country is liable for the improvement in daily lives of single mothers and their kids. Programs and schemes must be opened and followed to give what single mothers and their children deserve. Governments of developed countries like the States, U.K and Australia, even the governments of Developing countries are doing great for the issue. U.S has programs for the single mothers’ kids’ health and medical insurance as well as education. Some programs work for providing energy to the low income homes. Others also provide financial assistance to single parents. Jeannette, an organization has been working on it since 1978 and has been showing successful results regarding the single parenting W.I..C has also been doing an effective job since 2003 and is popular for providing appropriate assistance to people.

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