Mothering all alone

Sometimes we feel its simple and easy to run a home for everyone like everybody does and almost all are successful in doing it. But we also experience men facing problems in running their day to day daily routine lives smoothly and smoothly. It starts from being unable to pay bills in time and ranges up to providing comfortable and standard education to their children. That’s really something not surprising. Now think of a woman who single handedly have to cover all these issues. It’s not an easy task for a female covering all the bills and expenses of a house and also looking for good moral education and schooling of her children. Most of them try not to become a burden on others, which includes the society and the government. But “the others” should care about the single mothers and give some helping hand to them.

MotheringCentral governments do work a lot and hard for the improvement and betterment of single mother families. The governments provide them with free education and also caring about their food and water supply. In U.S, the central government provides grants for education in almost all public and private colleges for single mothers to cover their incomplete education. Providing energy to the low income household is also taken as a responsibility by the central government of the states. Insurance for health and medical problems for the kids of single mothers is also provided by government through W.I.C program, showing significant results of success and improvement to single mothers.

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