Mississippi – Shelters for Single Mothers

 As a single mother, sometimes you long for a closeness and you search for a relationship but that relationship ends up being a bad thing and the person you end up with ends up being abusive toward you and/ or your child. At some point, you finally decide enough is enough and you want out but you don’t know how to escape the situation.

Maybe you’re a person who has always been responsible with your money and you’ve always been able to have enough money for everything. As a single mother, that in itself is a feature and it always was something you took pride in because you did it on your own. However, somewhere along the way, prices went up, bills got behind and somehow you ended up on the verge of being thrown out of your own. Even thinking back, you can’t pinpoint where it went wrong but the point is you don’t want your child homeless so you need a place to go as soon as possible.

In both cases, a shelter or some kind of assistance is needed and fortunately Mississippi does have shelters available for you. Understandably you need something quickly and while I usually recommend researching, I think this is a dire situation and for that reason, I’m going to provide you with a few results I found. If you can, go to your local library and search for some options yourself because while I will provide some options, I cannot list every option for a number of reasons but mainly, it would take up the whole article.

MCADV: Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Location: Jackson, Mississippi
website: http://mcadv.org/
This is an option for those suffering from domestic violence and they offer their support and help if you need it. When you ask for help, you can call them or visit their office and you will receive a welcoming gift as well as offered a number of services, including references for shelters you can go to if you need to get away from the person who is hurting you and/ or your child.

Shelters and Emergency Housing
Location: Mississippi (Various cities listed)
website: http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/states/mississippi/homeless/shelters
Now this provides addresses and phone numbers for shelters of all types and emergency housing for people no matter who they are. It even includes housing for people with diseases and sickness that others would be hesitant to accept. It lists both homeless shelters as well as domestic abuse shelters also and this is one of the reasons why it’s included on the list.

Care Lodge Domestic Abuse Shelter Inc
Location: Meridian, Mississippi
website: http://www.carelodge.com/livesite/
This is a domestic abuse center dedicated to helping abuse victims out of bad situations. Now this is only their temporary website while they work on their other website but they do list information on this website as well. Their hotline number as well as their address is on the website and you can find a few other resources if you choose to look.

Mississippi Homeless Shelters
Location: Mississippi
website: http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/mississippi.html
Now this is a list and it will provide you will various homeless shelters when you click on your city. Luckily for you, it does have every city listed and while it may not list every single homeless shelter in your area it should provide you with more than enough options for you to consider if you need a homeless shelter for your child(s) and yourself.

Domestic Abuse Family Shelter
Location: Laurel, Mississippi
website: http://domesticabusefamilyshelter.org/
This is another domestic violence shelter and it strives to fight against domestic abuse and help victims of domestic abuse. They have a few services available for those they help and go over safety plans with those they strive to help. They are dedicated to helping people and their children so it’s definitely another good option to consider.

As mentioned before, this is not everything that is available but hopefully it did provide some assistance or comfort to you. If you cannot do the searches yourself, ask those in your community like local churches most especially but also those within your child’s school district, co-workers if you’re currently working, etc. If you do search on the internet, most websites do have phone numbers and hotlines you can call for assistance if you need it immediately. It either case, I wish you the best of luck but I think you will find the help you need as long as you don’t give up.

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