Mississippi Scholarships To Help Single Teenage Mothers Get Back To School

Balancing between day to day responsibilities and education for single teenage mothers is never a walk in the park. With the cost of living being at all time high in Mississippi, many single mothers have to contend with the fact that fending for their children is never easy not to mention that the availability to supportive jobs is always a major challenge. However, due to the effects of single teenage motherhood in the US, many organizations have come up with programs to help encourage young mothers t go back to school in order to enhance their chances of getting well paying jobs and gain skills that will help them live successfully while at the same time making the lives of their young ones better. There are various organizations within the state of Mississippi which have set up scholarship and grant programs which can help you as a single teenage mother allowing you that opportunity to return to school for the realization of your career dream.

One such program is the government sponsored Pell Grant which provides thousands of needy students with the much needed financial support in the state accredited colleges and universities. Pell Grants are available in every state and require the students to submit their FAFSA application which is used as a basis for the amount to be awarded. You should fill in the required information accurately and early in the year as this normally works on the first come first served basis.

Another ideal single teenage mother grant that you should consider is the childcare assistance program from the Mississippi Department of Human Resources. This need-based program is normally based on the mother’s financial situation and income in addition to the size of the family. To be eligible for this financial assistance program, you should be a participant in the TANF or Temporal Assistance for Needy Families in Mississippi. Some of these programs although might not give you the desired money to see you get back to school will provide you with the much needed money which can help you organize your life and save some of your income for college.

Going back for the young and single teenage mothers can be a challenge especially if you have to take care of your child by your own. However, with the government offering a number of programs to help ease the burden on the single mothers, one can be able to concentrate on their return to school program something that will be of great help in the future. Different counties within the state of Mississippi can benefit from different packages within those counties. For example students enrolled in University of Mississippi and who live in Attala, Webster, Choctaw, Montgomery and Carroll can apply for the Sumner Grants. Single teenage mothers pursuing graduate level or undergraduate studies do qualify for this grant program and you should therefore apply if you meet all the requirements.

Higher Education Legislative Plan (HELP) is another great program for single teenage mothers who have 2.5 GPA and above. It is a need based scholarships and those who are awarded get to enjoy payment for full tuition and fees. You will need to be enrolled in an accredited public institution for 10 semesters. There are also many scholarships for single teenage mothers that are achievement based and which also specialize in different fields f education. You should be able to look out for different groups, colleges and business communities within your county of residence and even in the college or university of choice to see what they have to offer in terms of financial assistance.

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