Mississippi – Rehab Programs or Assistance for Single Mothers

Everyone deals with stress in their own ways but sometimes when dealing with that stress, people develop the bad habits. Those bad habits sometimes are developing addictions that become too overwhelming to beat on your own. Maybe you’re one of those people who developed one of those bad habits and you’re at the point where you want help. At least you’re owning up to the addiction and now you’re trying to find help for yourself and not only for yourself but for your children. As a single mother, life can become difficult and for any parent it can but being that you’re raising your child on your own, it’s easy to see why this might happen. Maybe you’re not even looking for a program for yourself but you’re looking for your child because they developed any issue. No matter who has the issue, Mississippi has help for you and/ or your child, depending on who needs the help.

Let’s say you know the help is out there but you’re intimidated on searching for the help and understandably it’s a big step. In attempt to help you make the first step in the right direction, I’m providing you with a few results that may be able to help you or your child.

Copac: Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center
website: http://www.copacms.com/
This is a program type recovery treatment that helps families and their loved ones recovery from addictions, both long termed and short termed. They have different treatment programs and depending on the addiction, your treatment program will be designed to fit your problem. They also have numbers and a fax number to help assist you if you need them, and if you think you need them, I suggest you use them.

Pine Grove behavioral Health and Addiction Services
website: http://www.pinegrovetreatment.com/
Now with this option, you can get help for addiction but also other behavioral health reasons. In regards to addictions, no matter what type of addiction you have, you can find resources, programs, and some type of help by exploring this website of contacting them. They have a number listed on their website for those who wish to call the number so if you need to, don’t be afraid to do so.

The Oxford Centre – Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction
website: http://www.theoxfordcentre.org/
Now this rehab will treat you for all your alcohol and drug addictions no matter what it may be. They offer different types of services you can take part in and they strive to help each person who decides to use them for their recovery. Their website has resources that you may find useful and they also host events you may find interesting.

A Bridge to Recovery Addiction Treatment Center for Jackson, MS
website: http://www.abridgetorecovery.com/
This is a recovery treatment center for those suffering from addiction and while it lists as Jackson, MS, there are a few locations in Mississippi. Whether it’s substance abuse, sex addiction, eating addiction, or something else, you can get help here and they will assist you in any way they can. Don’t worry about what people judging you because these people are professionals and they’re not there to judge you, they’re there to help you.

Mississippi Rehabs: Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Centers
website: http://www.sobernation.com/rehab/mississippi/
This is a list for people who want more than one choice to choose from. Chick your city and see what results you are provided with, or call the 24 hour help to talk to a professional. I do recommend talking to a professional because if you’re unsure, need support and comfort, these professionals are trained in that area and can definitely help with that. However, if you choose not to, looking at your options by clicking your city is good enough.

There are many more resources and rehab centers out there but this is just to give you a taste of what is out there and help provide you with something to go on. I do hope these results can help you and if they can’t, I do strongly recommend you do some more research for your sake and your children’s sake. I understand that you may be intimidated, especially if you’re a long time sufferer of addiction but don’t let that stop you. I have no doubt you can get the help you need as long as you stay dedicated and you don’t give up on recovery. I wish you and/ or your child the best in the recovery but I have confidence you can recovery.

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