Mississippi – Disaster Relief for Single Mothers

No matter how prepared you are, disasters can leave devastating results and hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs. You can never be prepared for the results you receive, especially if it was an unexpected disaster that wasn’t caused by nature. This hits families of all sizes hard, especially those with children, but single mothers can be hit especially hard. Being that they’re the only one making the income to provide for their children and themselves, unexpected costs can hurt. Not to mention, things money can’t buy can hurt any family of any size. Fortunately Mississippi does have some options for you to consider in regards to disaster relief or even disaster relief volunteering.

Sometimes the resources you need can be hard to find, even knowing they are out there and that can bring on some frustration, understandably. Even I had a little difficulty finding some resources when conducting my own searches but I did manage. In order to help you along in your search, I’m going to provide you with the results I got from my search. Now I will only list a few results so I do recommend you still do searches of your own but hopefully this will help you along in the search.

Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance: Mississippi
website: http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/states/mississippi/DREA
This is resources for disaster assistance and disaster recovery centers for those who need it. It has other resources too and it would be a good idea for you to check out if you have been through a disaster or you know someone who has. There are even shelter resources, loans and rebuilding resources, and many others for you to check out.

Disaster Recovery Division: Mississippi
website: http://www.msdisasterrecovery.com/
Now this offers housing and also housing programs for those who have been through a natural disaster of some sort. They keep their website up to date with news and have other links you may want to checking out just for more information. If you need more information, you can click the ‘contact us’ button and either visit their office in Jackson, Mississippi, call them, or email them with your questions or your concerns.

MS Legal Services: Disaster Relief Mississippi
website: http://www.mslegalservices.org/disaster-relief
This is great more for informational purposes and explains a lot of what you might not have known about FEMA assistance before but you need or want to know. It’s a good idea to know all you can about assistance so you can be prepared when you apply and you can decide if you qualify or even if you were turned down and had no right to be refused for assistance. So definitely read up if you have the time so you can be educated on the subject.

Mississippi Baptists: Disaster Relief
website: http://www.mbcb.org/mission_strategy/men/dr/
This ministry provides essential needs to those who were affected by natural disasters and they aim to help as many people as they possibly can. If you want to help them, you can donate online to their cause and help those who were affected by these natural disasters that sometimes happen. If you’re someone who was affected by a disaster, it doesn’t hurt to contact them and plead your case or show up at their ministry and see if they can’t help you in some way.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief
website: http://www.namb.net/disaster-relief/
Now this isn’t specifically for Mississippi but they do help people in Mississippi. Now if you’re someone who wants to help those who have been through disasters, maybe this website is something you should take a look at. They aim to help Southerners from disasters and help them rebuild what they lost and while they can’t rebuild the irreplaceable things, they hope to help make life a little easier by helping them rebuild the things that can be replaced. So if you can, donate or even volunteer and even if you’re someone who went through a disaster, this website is probably good for you too.

I hope these websites provided you with some insight or some type of help that way you can get the help you need or prepare for the next disaster that may or may not happen. These searches can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you have already been through the disaster or you know someone who has but if you stay strong, you should be able to find the results you need. As emotional as you can be during these times, try not to let your emotions overrun you and you should be able to find what you need. Good luck and stay strong!

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