Medicaid Basics

What are the Medicaid basics?  Can it really help me either while I wait for my new insurance to get started or in conjunction with my current insurance?  Why should I even consider using Medicaid?  Is it really able to help me out?  Medicaid is one of those things that can help you out either as you wait for your insurance to get started.  Also, if you get Medicaid, you may be eligible for other services as well.  It is worth at least checking into for the sake of your children.  They deserve being covered and going to the doctor when they are sick or for their normal checkups.  Medicaid is to help you because you do not have insurance any other way or have problems getting insurance.

To start out, you do need to show proof of your income.  What you are eligible for will be determined by your income.  You will also need proof of all the children who will be covered.  This will need to be a Birth Certificate and/or Social Security Card.  All of these are items that are needed in general for any of the social services that you may be applying for.  It may be a good idea to have a folder or something where you keep all this information to take with you every time you go to the doctor or any of these types of appointments.  If you keep the folder handy and with everything in it you know that if you get the folder for every appointment the only thing you have to pick up is the most recent copy of what you are being paid.  This will make life simpler for the appointments.

Medicaid BasicsIf and when you are accepted you will receive a card for each of the children they will cover.  You will want to keep that in your wallet or with you at all times.  This will be important to take with you when you go to the doctor, pick up medicines, etc.  Also keep the letter of acceptance as well.  This can come in handy if you are getting other types of services as well.  The letter can go in your folder with your other paperwork.  You will also want to keep them updated on any changes in insurance, income, etc.  This will help them make sure they are providing the services necessary for you and your family.

Medicaid can cover not only your children, but yourself, if you qualify.  They will help to cover things like doctors, hospital bills, your prescriptions and other health care costs for those who meet their lower income qualifications.  They will cover the basic needs for you and your family when it comes to health care.  The children eligible are those who meet the poverty level, based on the family size along with any moms who are pregnant along with children under a certain age.

State may vary in how they pay for the services.  It may be that there are certain doctors and hospitals that you have to go to.  They also pay based on the services that are provided.  You may still pay, but it wouldn’t be like if you have insurance.  More than likely if you are receiving Medicaid you may be working but not receiving insurance where you work.  This is either because you don’t work enough hours a week or because where you work doesn’t offer insurance until you have been there a certain amount of time.  It is important to be able to show that you do not have insurance or the ability to get insurance.  When it comes to prescriptions it will more than likely be that you are going to get the generic form of the medicine.  As long as your doctor doesn’t have a problem with this, you shouldn’t have any problems.

The Medicaid basics it to provide you with the basic coverage necessary to make sure that you are able to visit the doctor as needed for your children.  This may the children’s regular checkups, medicine for the children or if your children get sick and you need to visit the doctor.  You will have a card that you will need to take to all doctors office to show that you are eligible for the services.

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