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Times are getting better these days but not everyone is feeling it. This is definitely true for single mothers and people struggling to find a job. I can certainly understand the frustrations you feel, especially if you’re looking for a job and can’t find anything. Providing for yourself and your children is important and unfortunately so is paying the bills as much as we hate to use our money for this, and would rather use it for other things.

Fortunately I’ve done some researching and looked through some resources to help Massachusetts residents find the perfect site for jobs, or at least get a brighter idea of what’s out there in the job market. There will be sites here that you probably have heard of and some that you may not be familiar with.

Ma Human Resources Division
With this website, you click the log in button and create a profile, this allows you to upload your resume for employers to see. You’ll be allowed to upload experience, skills, and education, which are all keys to getting employed. You’ll also have the option to apply for certain jobs and you’ll be able to make edits to your resume before you submit it. This is a good option for job seekers.

Snag a Job
There’s no doubt you’ve heard of this one before and I feel it is a good option. I found some results here that I didn’t find with other sites, though I admit I did see jobs I have seen on other sites as well. It provides a good selection of jobs for people of all experiences and it’s definitely designed for people of all ages, with all types of experience.

Mass Live: Jobs
This one is another good option for residents of any county, any city, and any area. I found a good amount of options here and it was nice to see there are options out there. I did find some similar results as some of the other sites but I found the site easy to use, for me at least, and think this is a good option.

Career Builders
This one is one of the most obvious choices and there’s a reason for that. It has a lot of options and has a lot of results to offer. I did find I had to use the advanced search to find something to meet my requirements but overall, I found this to be a good option despite being the most obvious option.

Jobs in Ma
This is another good option and I found it easy to use and found decent results without using advanced search. I did try out all the features just to see how well the results came out and found them to be easy to use. It produces pretty good results and I suggest giving it

Now these are other job searching websites out there but these are the sites I have actually search for in Massachusetts and used. I always suggest you be your own judge and pick whichever site is best for you.

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