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You obviously have to worry about your needs and the needs of your children first. You have to pay rent, utilities, food, your kids needs, and all that first. When you have leftover money, you decide you want to donate to a charity or a cause though. Donating is good when you don’t have time to volunteer because you’re still supporting the cause and showing your appreciation. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes you appreciate it that much more. It also shows your kids that giving is much more rewarding than taking and they will feel the rewards for themselves if they participate.

I’ve designed this article to list four good charities as well as a website that can give you a list of charities in Massachusetts no matter what city you’re in. I’m confident this will give you some options you can look into if you want to donate.

Beverly Historical Society
Location: Beverly, MA
The Beverly Historical Society is basically a historical headquarters of Beverly, MA. It contains objects and documents related to the history of Beverly and on the webpage, it has a donate button. This is a great option for those who enjoy history or support history.

Sterling Animal Shelter Inc
Location: Sterling, MA
This is for those who are animal lovers or supporters. Obviously it is a shelter, a no kill shelter might I mention, but it also has a donate button you can click to donate. Animals are innocent and they are a good cause to support.

Project Smile
Location: Hopedale, MA
Project Smile is a non-profit organization that donates toys, coloring books, stuffed animals, and all that stuff for police officers, paramedics, and fire fighters to give to children of illness or accidents. This is a really good cause and it does its best to help brighten a injured or ill child’s day a little bit. The donate button is on the page.

Oxfam America
Location: Boston, MA
The purpose of this project is to help with deadly conflicts in the Middle East to the looming famine in South Sudan, when emergencies strike, according to the website. This is also a good organization and the webpage is full of donation buttons.

List of Charities
Location: Massachusetts
Now this is a list of charities that are listed by city. Just click on the city and find a list of charities and organizations you can donate to. This is a good way to find just the cause and charity you want to donate to instead of settling for something you don’t really believe in.

Now I hope this list helped you or at least gave you a good starting point of charities you can donate to in your area. Now remember, there are always the ones you know of like hospitals, American red cross, and those types of organizations. In case you wanted to donate to something else, hopefully this list provided you with a good idea of what is out there and what you can donate to.

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