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You’re at a point in your life where you want to go to college since you didn’t get to when you were younger. Maybe you’re helping your child look for a college to attend and helping him/her explore their options with colleges. Whichever it is, there are several good colleges and universities out there for you to look at. I can definitely see why the choice is hard for you and why you would be conflicted with what to choose.

While I won’t list all the options here, I will list a few options for you to consider. I’m only listing the ones I have actually researched, explored their sites and looking at reviews from. So take that into consideration and don’t assume anything I don’t list here is bad.

Harvard University
This is one of the obvious choices for one of the most obvious reasons. Now the costs of this college are high, you might want to have some money saved up to go here but there are financial aid packages and they can be decent sizes. There’s a number of good programs to study here and a lot of students who attend here are said to do well later on in life.

Boston University
This offers several degrees and doctorates and is a good option for those in Boston. The college is been recognized over the years and Boston University is known for its hockey team, which has won five national championships. It offers a great number of studies and you would have plenty to choose from.

University of Massachusetts Amherst
This one has many degrees to offer and you’ll have plenty to choose from if you decide to choose this option. This college has high research activity and is put in the genre of a research University.

Tufts University
This is located in Medford/Somerville, Ma and is usually in the top schools. The school is known for its study aboard programs and has made a name for itself. It has more than one campus so you have an option to go to either campus and it is known to have a good success rate for those of you who worry about that.

Boston College
This college is in Chestnut Hill, Ma and in early history, it was known as a liberal arts college. It has nine colleges and a number of degree programs for you or your children to choose from. It has earned several awards and been in the top colleges for a number of years. This is a great option for you or your child to consider and you wouldn’t be making a mistake choosing this option either.

Now I will say this again, I only listed the colleges I have actually researched and if I didn’t list something here, it doesn’t make it bad or a terrible college. Always do your own research on the success rates, graduation rates, the campus, and everything else about the colleges you or your child is considering.

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