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So you’ve raised your child well and now you’ve reached the point where your child is getting ready for high school. You did good with your kids but you’re not done yet and if you tend to nitpick, you want your child to go to the best high school. That’s not a bad thing, you only want the best for your kids and you only want your kids to have quality education.

I am confident you can get a good idea of the schools in the ranks with this article. I hope to provide you with the information you want to know and need to know about high schools.

Sharon High School
Location: Sharon, Ma
This school was ranked number ten on the list. Students have an opportunity to take advanced placement and the AP participation rate at this high school is 65 percent. Sharon High School is the only high school in Sharon but that doesn’t make it any less of a good option. In fact, the high school tries harder to provide quality education for its students.

Mystic Valley Regional Charter School
Location: Malden, Ma
Mystic Valley Regional Charter School is another good option for students to attend. It offers the opportunity to take certain courses and exams and those participation rates are high. The amounts of males and females are fairly evened out and your kids are sure to do well at this school.

The Bromfield School
Location: Harvard, Ma
This school has what you would expect from a high school but it is known for its academic excellence. A lot of graduates of this school are known to excel and also to go to four year learning institutions.

Wellesley High School
Location: Wellesley, Ma
This school never fails to make it on the best schools list and has a gold medal when it comes to college readiness. It has over a thousand students and if you’re in the area of near the area, this is definitely a good option for your child or children.

Belmont High School
Location: Belmont, Ma
This school was built in 1970 and at the time, it cost $9 million dollars. The school has over a thousand students and is situated next to a clay pit pond. Students are known to excel at this school and this may be why this school has a gold medal. It also may be why it’s the second best public high school in Massachusetts.

Now these are only a few schools I listed obviously but there are many more out there that I didn’t name in several areas. Now also keep in mind that just because some schools aren’t in the best public or private schools doesn’t mean they’re bad schools. So don’t worry too much if your child or children are going to a school that isn’t ranked or that isn’t considered ‘one of the best’ schools. It could very well still be a decent school and while it’s good you think about these things, don’t worry about it obsessively.

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