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So you’re moving to Massachusetts, or maybe you live in Massachusetts already but you’re looking to go to another city. You have some money saved up but with children, it’s not easy for you to split your time between your professional life, your personal life, and then taking a little time out to explore cities. Every time you sit down to do the task you mean to do, something gets in the way.

I have research around and looked at many resources to help single mothers out there find the best city to move to in Massachusetts . Now just because a city isn’t in here doesn’t mean a it’s a bad city so keep that in mind. I will only list six options here but I always recommend you do your own research on these places before making a final choice.

1. Cambridge, Ma
Cambridge is a perfect option for those who want accessibility and convenience. There are many stores around, as well as public transit to a number of areas. The prices are, indeed, pricey but the children who attend the schools usually excel in their classes. This is a great option to consider.

2. Boston, Ma
Now prices here are about average but crime rates can be up or down depending on the neighborhood and time of year. This option also has plenty transit locations and stores for your convenience and it’s probably one of the most known cities of Massachusetts. Definitely give this option some thought when considering your move.

3. Amherst, Ma
Now this option isn’t the most active and probably doesn’t have as much to do but it is one of the safest options. It has good schools and decent housing prices, as well as nice neighborhoods for children to grow up in.

4. Brookline, Ma
Brookline is another one that isn’t one of the most active cities at all but it’s also another city that’s very safe. It’s got four colleges, and wonderful schools, and great hybrid cars. The public transit is very accessible and fairly safe.

5. Westborough, Ma
This option has wonderful schools and has average housing costs. The prices are decent and while it’s not the most fun, it does have a good choice of restaurants. You won’t have a problem choosing from restaurants or neighborhoods here. This could definitely be a great option for you and your children to live in.

6. Leverett, Ma
This city has fairly decent prices and good schools so you won’t have to worry about your child going to a good school here. You have to drive out a bit to get to movie theaters, restaurants, or bars but the schools and locations more than make up for its lack of activity.

Now while I only listed three here, that doesn’t mean anything is wrong with any other city in Massachusetts. I always recommend you do your own research and decide what is best for you and your children. Only you can truly make that decision but hopefully this article provided a resource you can use when doing your own research.

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