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It wasn’t easy but you finally got to a stable point in your life. As a single mother, that took a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifices but you got there. Now you get to let out that breath you been holding and you don’t have to feel so bad for your child or children anymore. However, you’ve decided to add a furry friend to the family and you wanted to save an animal from one of the shelters. The problem is you’re not quite sure where to go or which shelters to go to.

Look no further, I have devised an article with a list of some shelters in Massachusetts. Now while I will list a few, I couldn’t possibly list them all so I will state clearly that not every shelter will be listed. I will also include a list of keywords I think you should use when doing your own searches for animal shelters and/or animal adoption centers.

A few Shelters Available

Northeast Animal Shelter
Location: Salem, MA
This shelter is in Salem, Massachusetts and with this shelter, you can adopt dogs or cats. This is one of the more obvious choices for Salem residents but if you want a pet, get one quick, pets get adopted as quickly as they come in.

Buddy Dog Humane Society Inc
Location: Sudbury, MA
Despite the name, they adopt out cats, as well as dogs and they are locations in the Sudbury area. They have a variety of dog breeds and various beautiful cats for you to choose from. I can definitely say this is a good option for Sudbury residents.

Animal Rescue League of Boston
Location: Boston/Brewster/Dedham, MA
Now this shelter has three locations for you; one is in Boston, Ma while another is in Brewster, MA. The final and third option is in Dedham, MA. Now you can’t look at what they have available from their website, you have to actually go to the shelters to see what they have but because they do have different shelters available, you have more of an opportunity to make it there.

Taunton Animal Shelter
Location: Taunton, Ma
This is for Taunton residents and it runs through pet finder but it’s definitely a decent option for people looking for pets. They do have specific requirements before you can adopt but that only means they care about the pets and want them to go to a good home.

Now I’ll give you a good idea of what keywords to search for but I suggest you also you the area you’re in since I won’t be doing that.

Animal Shelters
Dog Adoptions
Cat Adoptions
Animal Adoptions
Animals for adoption
Humane Societies
Dogs and Cats for adoption

Now this is only to give you an idea of what to search for and what kind of shelters are out there, but as always, I suggest you do your own research and gather your own resources.

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