Low Income Housing Assistance

Many single mothers are homeless because of housing costs being high in the United States of America. Some are living in substandard housing while some are facing evictions because they cannot afford paying rents. Thus poverty level will increase in the country. The federal government has a quest of ameliorating the state of poverty in all the states and has therefore implemented various programs to help with housing needs.

Housing assistance is managed by the Housing and Urban Development Department. The department allocates funds to all the states, territories and tribes of U.S to help fund the housing programs for low-income households. The most popular federal housing program is the Section 8 Housing assistance program which is often divided into Housing Choice Voucher and Project-based programs. There are Public Housing program and Rural Rental Assistance programs which are suitable for single mothers with low-income.

The housing programs are given to eligible single moms who are categorized under very low-income or low-income. Very low-income households receive preference on the waiting list in the programs. Housing demands exceed available resources and that is why there is a waiting list for all applicants. The waiting list can be closed at anytime by the state if the number of applicants is too high and there are no funds available. When funds are available, the list will re-open.

Once the single mother’s name reaches top of the waiting list, she will be issued a voucher program in the case of Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program to go seek apartment unit to rent. It can be a private apartment provided the owner agrees to rent under the program. HUD has set the standard that every housing units need to meet. The rent must also be reasonable. The mother will only be allowed to spend 30% to 40% of her monthly income towards rental payment.

Section 8 Project-based program allows the U.S citizens to occupy rental units subsidized by the particular states during construction whereby the subsidy is fixed to the unit. Should the single mom wish to change, she will then have to re-apply for the program. Contribution towards rent is also 30% of the eligible low-income mother.

Rural Rental Assistance program assists the low-income families that rent in Rural Rental Housing, Farm Labor Housing and Rural Cooperative Housing. To qualify for the program you must be classified as low-income family.

Public Housing program accommodates low-income single moms in the housing units owned by government. There is no need to go seek for privately owned housing units for renting. The federal government wants to offer decent and safe housing to low-income households. Eligibility into the program is determined by annual income limits, citizenship, and residency and immigration status.

These are some programs administered by the Housing and Urban Development Department of the United States. The department distributes funds to relevant states in order to manage the programs. The eligibility criteria may differ from one state to the other. However, program regulations stay the same from the federal government. To apply for these programs you need to contact residing in. in the states, the programs are managed by Public Housing Agencies.

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