Low Income Housing Assistance in West Virginia

Without the support in housing, single mothers in the State of West Virginia would possibly struggle with the needs for housing. That is why some tend to be homeless because of the cost of housing being high. Shelter is among the basic needs that a human being needs. The lack of shelter is detrimental to the health of the kids of a single mother.

West Virginia has a number of helpful programs in housing that help the mothers with housing needs. The programs have been created by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of the United States, but administered by the state. To help digest the problems of housing, the state utilizes the help of public housing agencies across the state that help offer the help in housing to needy single mothers in the state’s counties. However, not any mother can be helped but those with low-income. The mother has to be the resident of West Virginia or legal immigrant of WV.

The housing authorities in the state are representative of the statewide programs for needy single moms. The statewide assistance programs include Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, Homeownership, Public Housing, Family Self-Sufficiency, and others. The departmental website, http://www.hud.gov/ of the United States HUD has full information pertaining to the housing authorities in each state, including their contact details. Now, for example, the Huntington West Virginia Housing Authority is taken into account for the programs it offers in the state. However, the authority is responsible for a certain geographic area of WV.

William Dotson, the executive director of Huntington housing authority, is committed to assisting many families that are currently struggling to meet their shelter needs in the state. On that note, his housing authority controls many programs such as subsidized housing under Section 8 rental assistance, public housing, self-sufficiency programs, and many more. The authority owns over 907 of housing apartments and 1512 of subsidized housing available for single mothers to occupy. The programs are so many to an extent that they accommodate over 5000 families in the state. The programs are mentioned hereunder.

Housing Choice Voucher Rental Assistance Program

The program is dedicated to assisting the elderly, the handicapped, and the very low-income single mothers residing in WV. It gives them rental subsidy on a monthly basis in an apartment chosen by them. The program is financed by the HUD but controlled by various housing authorities statewide. Thus any single mom interested in applying for the program based on financial neediness should approach the housing authority. The Huntington housing authority can be reached on (304) 526-4400.

This program affords the single moms the opportunity to choose their housing units and rent in them. It gives mobile vouchers that the mother can use anywhere she likes subject to some conditions being met. She has to choose an apartment that has high quality standards in line with the standards set out in the program. Moreover, it has to be within reasonable trend of rent. The apartment will be evaluated before the mother can reside in.

While renting in the apartment chosen, the program will help pay a part of monthly rent to the landlord. The other part which is 30% of the mother’s income has to be paid by her. It includes both utilities and rent. Irrespective of the price of the apartment chosen, the single mother’s contribution shall not exceed 40% adjusted from her income. Comprehensive full information that shows the mother’s income and family size is needed. Wrong information with regard to that may jeopardize the subsidy, and may subject one to penalties.

The penalties associated with wrong information include the following;
Five years imprisonment,
Eviction from the subsidized apartment,
$10 000 fine
Payment of rental subsidy already received, and
Restriction for any further assistance from the state.

The mothers are therefore strongly advised to furnish legitimate information which will be verified later. Extra penalties may be imposed. For more information on the program and how to apply, visit http://www.huntingtonhousing.com/s8h.shtml.

Public Housing for single mothers in WV

The Huntington housing authority is representative of the public housing program offered statewide by WV. It owns about 1512 of public housing apartments. The mothers, based on eligibility, will be accommodated in these apartments. The similar portion of 30% as in Section 8 vouchers is payable by the assisted mother. The program is subject to rules almost the same as in the voucher program.

The privilege with the public housing is that the government owns the apartments, and therefore offers every service on-site. Routine maintenance is done by the public authority. The security is also advanced in these apartments. There is no need for evaluation of the unit placed in as it applies with the Section 8 voucher program. Find more about the program at http://www.huntingtonhousing.com/publichousing.shtml.

Eligibility based on citizenship and income is still a must-meet. The eligibility rules may vary from one housing authority to the other. The mother is encouraged to visit the relevant housing authority responsible for the county she lives in, to enquire further about these rules and to apply for the program.

Family Self-Sufficiency program for single moms in West Virginia

The program is exclusively designed for single mothers that receive assistance through Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. It helps them advance their skills and expertise in the world of work. The main purpose is to help these mothers to be economically independent and self-reliant. The services offered include, among others, transportation, child care, home-ownership counseling, employment training and education. To apply for the program, go to the public housing agency you received the voucher for rental assistance.

Home-ownership for single mothers in WV

The first time homebuyers are assisted through this program in owning the homes of their own. The single mother applying for the program must earn at least $13 100 annually, have good credit record with all housing authorities, have a minimum of $500 saved for down-payment, and must attend homeownership counseling. For more information, visit http://www.huntingtonhousing.com/homeownership.shtml. This site is for the Huntington housing authority and the authority does not cover all the geographic areas of WV. Visit your local housing authority for specific programs and rules.

The State of West Virginia tries its best to give every indigent mom a well-deserved help in housing. A number of housing programs is indicative of this quest. The programs are funded by the federal government but administered by the state to its low-income families of single mothers.

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