Low Income Housing Assistance in Vyoming

Housing assistance for single mothers in the State of Wyoming

The State of Wyoming has a mission not yet accomplished of providing housing assistance to single mothers with low-income. These mothers are often hit-hard by homelessness simply because their incomes are too low to afford all the households needs including the housing needs. A larger portion tends to flock to government shelters for accommodation.

The housing programs that the State of Wyoming is providing for these single moms strive to help the mothers to transition from that one-way direction of shelters into another way to permanent homes. There is a wide array of programs that the state offers with majority offered based on eligibility criteria of income, residency, and citizenship, to mention a few criteria. The programs include but certainly not limited to Housing Choice Voucher program, Public Housing, Foreclosure prevention, and Homeownership program.

Housing Choice Voucher Program for single mothers in Wyoming

The Housing and Urban Development Department of the United States has initiated this program, and has named it Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. The program is run by all the states. With the program, single mothers are given the responsibility to look for the private housing units for themselves. Thus they have to go through private apartments talking to landlords that are willing to rent under the program.

After finding that apartment of choice, the public housing authority applied with has to inspect the place to ensure compliance with the quality standards of housing that are set. The market trend of rent in the area in which the place is located will also be analyzed, and the apartment chosen should be on the same level with the market with rental costs.

The program is committed to subsidizing a portion of rent for the mom where she will be given a smaller portion which is 30% of her income. That will account for utilities and rental payment in the housing unit chosen.

Coupled with the rental subsidy under Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is the subsidized apartments. These apartments are subsidized under the same program. The main purpose is to subsidize the properties in return for reduced rental payments to low-income single mothers in Wyoming. The mom will be placed in an apartment where the subsidy is attached and thus immovable. In order to swap places she has to reapply for the subsidy.

The general requirements in these programs are the income guidelines and other non-financial considerable factors. For example, the single mom should be the citizen of U.S, resident of Wyoming or legal immigrant; she should have a good credit record, no criminal record, and she is a good tenant as proved by the previous landlord.

To apply for any of the programs, the mother has to visit the housing authority in the geographic area she resides in. she can visit http://www.hud.gov/offices/pih/pha/contacts/states/wy.cfm to check the public housing authorities in the state. The eligibility can be determined with such authority against the income limits and other factors.

Public Housing for single moms in Wyoming

The public housing authorities are funded to own the housing units for public housing aid. They award the units to single mothers in need. Each public housing authority is responsible for a certain number of housing units in jurisdiction areas.

With the Public Housing program, the single mom has the authority as the landlord and every issue has to be addressed with the authority. Similar to the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, the program has admission rules. One has to meet the income requirements. The moms who have income below 30% of the stipulated area median income are given preference because they’re classified as very poor. More of help goes to such moms. The income limits are displayed below for the single mothers below 30%;

Number of family members
Median income equal or below 30%
Fig.1. Income limits for extremely poor single moms in Wyoming
Source: http://www.huduser.org/portal/datasets/il/il2013/2013summary.odn?inputname=STTLT*5699999999%2BWyoming&selection_type=county&stname=Wyoming&statefp=56.0year=2013.

The authority requires that the mother be cleared of the bad debt record prior to applying because that may jeopardize the aid. If she had had criminal records then she will not be given chance in the program. Similarly, she will forfeit the aid should it transpire that she has had bad rental records with previous landlords.

While the public housing authority pays the larger portion of rent, the mother will pay the small portion estimated at 30-40% of her monthly income. The amount includes the costs associated with utilities and also the rent.

Homeownership assistance for single mothers in Wyoming

At times a single mom may wish to own the home of her won without renting. The State of Wyoming does help in this respect. However, there are rules and requirements applied. These require the mother to be a first-time home buyer, meet a certain minimum income that will allow her to honor the mortgage costs and other related expenses. She must be in good standing with the public authorities ” no money owed to any authority under any circumstance.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher recipients are required to spend at least a year renting under the program prior to considering Homeownership assistance. The homeownership will equip these moms with education needed for homeownership; that includes counseling classes.

For more info on the program, visit the public housing authority which will outline every detail akin to the program and how to apply. Check carefully if the authority has the program because not all authorities do offer the program.

These programs are only a few mentioned. There are still some like foreclosure prevention ” preventing the homeowners from being evicted from the apartments due to inevitable non-payment circumstances. Some include the loans offered at relatively low-interest, and low-tax credit apartments. There are in fact many programs that a single mom can choose from, for aid in housing. This is the mission of the State of Wyoming to eliminate homelessness.

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