Low Income Housing Assistance in Virginia

Housing assistance in Virginia for single moms

Life may be challenging for the single mothers who are residents of the State of Virginia taking into account the need for housing. A mere low-income may struggle to afford all the needs for shelter for these mothers. Consequently, this will put their lives at risk of homelessness, and subject their kids to poor growth. A supplementary income is needed to help uplift these mothers in reaching their housing needs.

In that respect, the State of Virginia has programs of housing assistance that are aimed at helping these mothers to find a peaceful home. The programs range from homeownership to public housing, and section 8 rental subsidy; and not to forget other specialized programs. Generally, the primary focus of the programs is on the residents with very low-income whose incomes are not enough to allow them a peaceful and affordable home.

There are many single mothers with low-income in the state, and thus demand for housing will be high. At times one will find waiting lists closed for various programs in certain geographical areas. For example, the waiting list for Housing Choice Voucher program and Public Housing program are currently closed in Fairfax County Housing Authority ” no further applications until further notice either on the website or local newspapers.

The housing programs are run with the funds from the federal department of Housing and Urban development (HUD). The department funds the programs on state level and the state distribute to local housing agencies responsible for counties statewide. Each agency administers the programs that are responsive to the need of the single mothers with low-income in Virginia. Let’s consider the housing authority of Fairfax County. The authority is manages Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, Public Housing, Homeownership, and many more programs. Visit its website at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/rha/ to see more of the programs and apply. Only a few programs are detailed hereunder;

Fairfax County Rental Program for single mothers with low-income

The program’s properties are developed and owned by the Housing Authority and the Fairfax County Redevelopment. The funds used are not those ones for public housing. There are currently 1929 of multifamily housing units, and 504 housing units for elderly people under this program. Among these developed properties, there are some that are eligible for housing choice voucher rental assistance, and some that are eligible for mortgage reduction rates or insured.

There is a minimum requirement for rent payments on the units with the exception of those ones of housing choice voucher program. Income limits are also taken into account when determining single mother’s suitability to occupy such units. The income limits are generally higher than those ones stipulated for housing choice voucher program and public housing program.

How to apply for the program? Every single mother applying for the program is pre-screened by the Department of Housing and Community Development for eligibility. The criminal records, credit records, and previous tenant references from landlords to ensure that the mother is indeed a good tenant, will be checked thoroughly to determine eligibility. The mother may apply online at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/rha/apply.htm. First submit name for placement of a waiting list. Once the name has reached the top spot, eligibility will be determined through interview before the aid is issued.

The single mothers given help through this program have to pay at least 30 % of their income for rent and utility expenses. At some points, the payment may depend on affordability. The general income limit for this program is 80% of the area median income.

Housing Choice Voucher program for single mothers in Virginia

This is a section 8 rental subsidy program designed to give aid to families with low-income. The applicants may be of extremely low-income (under 30% of area median income), very low-income (under 50% of are median income) or low-income (under 80% of area median income). The annual income limits are displayed below;

Family size
<30% of median
<50% of median >80% of median
Fig.1. Area Median Income for Section 8 program
Source: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/rha/rentalhousingprograms/hcv/htm.

A larger proportion of the voucher is given to those below 30% of area median income. These are the single mothers that are believed to be struggling too much in attaining their housing needs. After being issued with the voucher, they are entitled to go look for a private apartment that is suitable for renting. The apartment must meet rental limits in the area of location. It has to meet the quality standards of housing as stipulated by the HUD.

How to apply for the program? To apply for the program, the mother has to visit the local housing authority to apply with. Each housing authority has a distinct way of handling the program. Some have preference based on local housing needs. Some preferences include at least 20 hours of work weekly, or attend academic classes. Some are based on age of 62 years or older, while some are based on disability. Visit the authority for more on preferences. The preferences are applied on the waiting list as well regardless of the time the single mother had applied.

The occupant of the subsidized rental housing is entitled to pay 30% of her adjusted income to the landlord. The amount depends on the payment standard of the housing unit chosen. Nonetheless, the amount payable shall not exceed 40% of the income.

Public Housing Program for single mothers in Virginia

The housing authority of Fairfax County owns 1060 housing units that fall under the public housing program. The units are administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development. They are developed with funds from the HUD responsive to the scarcity of housing for needy residents.

To be approved for the program, the single mom has to have the income limit of 50% of area median income. She is liable for 30% of her income towards rent and expenses on the unit selected. With this program, the mother does not have to go hunt for a place to reside in, instead she has a rental subsidy attached on the public property.

The programs mentioned in here are only a few. The local housing authority might be more informative on the other programs omitted herein which may include low-interest loans, mortgages and others. To apply for the programs, go to the relevant housing authority. Single mothers in the State of Virginia are helped by all means to attain their housing needs. Their low-income may be insufficient to afford a decent place to stay in.

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